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  1.  FANTASTIC film!!


    a favourite of mine when i was small and now a favourite of my son's!
    Toy Story 1, 2 & 3 are all just amazing, a different story each time with the characters we all know and love!
    My son (as was I) was heartbroken to learn that little bo peep had not made the 3rd film! But that takes nothing away from these AMAZING films!!

    An all time favourite in our home.

  2.  FANTASTIC film!!


    This is one of my all time favourites, a real good, enjoyable watch.
    The story is great, the actors are great, everything about this film is great!
    A must see!

  3.  Good Film!


    A good thriller, but not one i could watch repeatedly, the twists and turns are all pretty predictable...
    But overall a good watch!

  4.  What A Knockout!


    The Closer is such a joy to watch!
    As you get to know the characters it draws you further and further in, once i started watching this i just had to watch the next and next and next!!
    It is a real gem that shines when you think of some of the rubbish that is on TV now!
    There isn't a lot of swearing or sexual scenes or innuendos or sleaze, just plain detective work with some really great characters.
    I will be sad when the 7th and final season is over, but will enjoy watching all seasons on DVD.
    It is really a FANTASTIC watch!!! I can't recommend highly enough.

  5.  Good Film!


    I enjoyed this film a lot, was good acting, alright you knew who the baddie was but it was a great film. very enjoyable and one i will watch over and over!

  6.  Good Film!


    What a good film! I was very pleasantly surprised! Good storyline, good acting, an all round good watch.

  7. Red



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    LOVED the film, good laughs. Bruce Willis, Morgan Freeman and Helen Mirren what more could you ask for?!!

  8.  Favourite!


    One of the best Disney films EVER! Has been my favourite since i was a kid.

  9.  Fab!


    A fantastic series for all the family. My family all watch it, young and old.

  10.  Fab!!


    Great book, highly recommended! Mary Higgins Clark is a excellent author!