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  1.  Nice game, bad quality microphone!!!


    This is a pretty enjoyable game and boats a nice easy 1000 gamerpoints but after playing the game for one day the microphone just stopped working completely. I have never had problems with my regular logitech microphones so i can only say that the disney one that came with this isnt as good in quality. Dont be completely put off though i may have just been unlucky.

  2.  Excellent Premium Format from Sideshow!!


    This is only the second premium format statue i have bought but the quality of these pieces is beyond anything else out there. I have this displayed with the Vader one and togther they look awesome. Great likeness to Hayden Christensen, amazing detailing on the costume and i love the pose. Only thing i can complain about is that the cloak looks aweful when you first take it out of the box but once all the creases drop out its fine. 10/10 for this one!!!

  3.  This one went wrong i think!!


    This is probably the worst bust in the Lord of the Rings bust line. The likeness to Hugo is just plain terrible it looks nothing like him. the paint apps are lazy and the detail is pretty poor too. The sword just looks cheap. Its nice to have Elrond in the collection but Gentle Giant messed up with this bust big time. Dont buy it unless you are a completeist with this line because its really not very good!!

  4.  Nice for a classics bust.


    Ok so im not a massive fan of these classics busts but this one is OK. Its nice to have Queen Amidala in her Iconic image from the phantom menace and the detail and paint work is pretty nice. The likeness to Nat Portman is pretty far off but thats what you expect from these small pieces. I would have rather this was done as a Mini Bust but still it could have been worse. Probably only one for the hardcore Gentle Giant collectors.

  5.  One bust to Rule them all!!!


    Well this is the latest and probably the last bust in the Lord of the Rings Mini Bust line since it was announced that the line is being cancelled luckily it is also the best in the line. First of all it is huge and it dwarfs the other busts, the detaling on the armour is really something to marvel at, a lot of work went into this bust. At least the line finished on a real high point!!

  6.  Indy is back in action.


    The first entry in the Indiana Jones mini bust line and its a strong start. The bust looks reasonably like Harrison Ford, the pose is iconic but what really makes this piece great is the detail on the costume which is incredible. In my opinion the only thing that lets it down is the whip which looks cheap and as its pacakaged in seperate parts you can see the joins in it. I look forward to more busts in this line though hopefully they are as good as this one.

  7.  Hagrid is Magical!!!


    This is a great entry in the Harry Potter bust colection. For a start it is pretty big, rightly so of course so that it is in scale with the others. The light up lantern is a nice feature and the cotume and bow look really cool. The only complaint i have and the reason i didnt give it full marks is that there is a slight lack of detail on the face which makes him look young and not very much like Robbie Coltrane. It doesnt really detract from the overall look of the bust though.

  8.  Wow Finally McGonagall and shes Great!!


    I have been waiting for GG to release a McGonagall Mini Bust for a long long time and finally shes here. It was well worth the wait, this bust is amazing looks exactly like maggie smith and the detial on the hat and costume is truely awesome. It looks great displayed with Dumbledore and Snape etc....Add it to your Harry Potter collection now, you wont be dissapointed.

  9.  Excellent Royal Guard!!


    To be honest you couldnt ask for a better representation of the emperors Royal Guard. This bust is flawless great detail and paint work and in my opinion its better and more worth the money than the Royal Guard statue.

  10.  Much better than it looks in the Picture!!


    I held off on buying this one for a while because from the picture i didnt think it looked much like Carrie Fisher. When i eventually picked it up i was pleasantly surprised, although not perfect the likeness is great. The sculpt on the costume is really nice too, only one complaint it would have looked better if she had her own blaster rather than the stormtrooper one, it would be more iconic. Other than that this bust is perfect.