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  1.  A Basterd's work is never done..


    I was lucky enough to get to see an advanced screening of this and from what I can tell you, this has to be one of Tarantino's best films to date since Pulp Fiction and Kill Bill. okay, so it's not your typical war film that everyone will expect, but if you just want to see fiction rather than fact, this is the movie for you. The casts is excelent, from Brad Pitt as Lt. Aldo Raine, a soldier who requires from his men 100 nazi scalps ( and he wants his scalps!), to Christopher Waltz as Col. Hans Landa, probably the best villiain ever in a war film. the dilalogue and acting is amazing, with some moments being completly serious to darkly funny and with an ending that will litterally blow you away. ever since Tarantino had announced that he was finally going to put his idea into practise, fans has been waiting for a very long time for this, the film is definatly worth the wait!

  2.  They are here.....


    Torchwood is back with a bang!!! This is their most definitive adventure yet, with a fantastic story line set out in one week. Allthough slightly annoyed with the fact it's reduced to five episodes, there is so much packed into it, from some characters hiding secrets and lies,to devious plotting from the goverment. For those who have not been able to see it, i won't spoil it for you, but you will be blown away and shocked to the core from start to finish. Fingers crossed a new series next year which all depends on how well this was recived and from what i can tell, they might just clinch the deal!anyone who loves torchwood this is recommended for you!

  3.  Doomsday? yeah right!


    After finding out that its by Neil Marshall, I got quite excited as I knew what to expect after watching Dog Soldiers and The Descent, however when it came to watching the film, it turned out to be a let down. the storyline is all over the place, while the violence and action scenes seem impossible. having said that though, the effects are pretty realistic. it tries too hard to be a Mad Max / 28 days Later type film and by the end of it, you would really wish it was Doomsday.

  4.  amazing


    have just seen this film and even though I have not read the comicbook, this film is amazing. this film has everything, from great music to stunning effects. Watchmen is a very long film but don't let that put you off seeing it, as this will keep you entertained. people thought that this comicbook was unfilmable. Zack Snyder has proved them wrong.the acting is fantastic and if I had to pick my favourite Watchman, it's definatly Rorschach.

  5.  It's a winner!


    Just seen this film , danny boyle has outdone himself. This film is moving and with each question that jamal get right, you find yourself cheering him on with the rest of the audience. This film is well deserving of the awards that have been given so far ( fingers crossed for the oscars!) , boyle has given us a masterpiece.

  6.  a brilliant single.


    Normally i don't buy singles and albums that come from the x - factor but i just could not resist getting this single as i loved the performance given last week by the finalists. This song has touched me and the fact that all profits go to help for heroes and the royal british legion as well makes it worth buying.

  7.  disapointed


    When i saw this ,i thought, finally a spongebob face t-shirt that would look great. But when i recieved it i was in for a huge disapointment. The colour is custard yellow and not light yellow as i thought, and the print was too small. The t-shirt was also very big for a large. I now wear it for decorating and had managed to find a better version elsewhere.

  8.  Briliant!


    This is one of the best films I have seen all year.Christian Bale is excelent as the Dark Knight himself, Aaron Eckhart is brilliant as the Harvey "two-face" Dent ( good makeup!) but Heath Ledger is outstanding as the dark and twisted Joker. Ledger had outdone himself even though this was his last role to date following his death. RIP Heath. overall if you have not seen this yet then where have you been? great effects , great acting and even better than Begins.

  9.  At last!


    Finally, robot chicken on dvd in the uk! Created by seth green,this is one of the best shows from [adult swim]. Despite being only 15 minutes long this will make you laugh till you explode! I hope that [adult swim] continue to release all their shows in the uk because we can't seem to find them on dvd or it's on too late on bravo for us to watch them.

  10.  Standard!


    Armstong and Miller are fantastic in their show on BBC ONE, makes me laugh out loud! They have come up with brilliant sketches including the street talking RAF pilots( Isn't it!), the origin of smalltalk and their funny versions of Flanders and Swann songs. if you like these two, then this is the dvd for you.