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81 (68% helpful)

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  1.  This Is Alphabeat


    I got this album based on the single Facination. And I don't regret getting this album at all. I love almost every track on here. Some tracks more than others.

    The singles Fascination & 10,000 Nights are incredibly strong. Also Boyfriend is a favourite of mine.

    These are my favourite tracks: Fascination, 10,000 Nights, Boyfriend & Go Go.

    Here's how I rate each track:

    1. Fantastic 6 7/10
    2. Fascination 10/10
    3. 10,000 Nights 8/10
    4. Boyfriend 10/10
    5. What Is Happening 7/10
    6. Go Go 8/10
    7. Touch Me Touching You 6/10
    8. Rubberboots 6/10
    9. Public Image 5/10
    10. Nothing But My Baby 6/10

    A good debut album full of upbeat pop tracks.

  2.  Rhythm Nation 1814


    I 1st of all want to say that this album doesn't just have the 12 tracks listed here. It in fact has 8 Interludes too, some of which may be incredibly short but then some are meaningful.

    The album totally feels like it's from the era it was made in which was the 80's but yet it doesn't feel dated like many 80's albums tend to do.

    My favourite tracks are: State Of The World, Miss You Much, Love Will Never Do (Without You), Lonely and Come Back To Me.

    Here's how I rate each track:

    1. Rhythm Nation 6/10
    2. State Of The World 8/10
    3. Knowledge 5/10
    4. Miss You Much 8/10
    5. Love Will Never Do (Without You) 10/10
    6. Livin' In A World (They Didn't Make) 6/10
    7. Alright 8/10
    8. Escapade 10/10
    9. Black Cat 6/10
    10. Lonely 8/10
    11. Come Back To Me 8/10
    12. Someday Is Tonight 5/10

    This album is full of punchy 80's pop and great soulful ballads. One of Janet's best.

  3. Departure


    Jesse McCartney - CD

    4 New from  £3.93  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £1.68



    On 1st listen I thought this album was too much of a Departure for Jesse but after a few listens the songs began to grow on me especially It's Over and How Do You Sleep which at 1st irritated me.

    The only song I really don't get is Rock You. It's a bit too different for me and I just become more annoyed by it everytime I hear it.

    Now lead single Leavin' is good but not the best on the album & believe me that's a good thing. All in all it's a very R&B influenced album, with electro beats scattered throughout.

    My favourite tracks are: Leavin', It's Over, How Do You Sleep, My Baby & Runnin'.

    Here's how I rate each track:

    1. Leavin' 10/10
    2. It's Over 10/10
    3. Rock You 5/10
    4. How Do You Sleep 9/10
    5. Into Ya 7/10
    6. Make Up 8/10
    7. My Baby 10/10
    8. Told You So 7/10
    9. Relapse 8/10
    10. Runnin' 9/10
    11. Freaky 7/10
    12. Not Your Enemy 7/10

    If you don't like this at 1st give it a few more listens because it is a grower. A great album from Jesse and his best yet!

  4.  Bittersweet World


    Ashlee Simpsons 3rd album is a departure from her previous 2 but in a good way. It shows throwback to the 80's on a few of the tracks.

    It contains big beats & is fun, funky and fresh.
    & it also contains 3 bonus tracks. 2 of which are the lead singles from her 1st two albums.

    My favourite tacks are: Outta My Head (Ay Ya Ya), Hot Stuff, Boyfriend, What I've Become, Boys & Rulebreaker.

    Here's how I rate each song:

    1. Outta My Head (Ay Ya Ya) 10/10
    2. Boys 9/10
    3. Rule Breaker 9/10
    4. No Time For Tears 6/10
    5. Little Miss Obsessive 10/10
    6. Ragdoll 7/10
    7. Bittersweet World 8/10
    8. What I've Become 10/10
    9. Hot Stuff 10/10
    10. Murder 8/10
    11. Never Dream Alone 8/10
    12. Invisible 6/10
    13. Pieces Of Me 8/10
    14. Boyfriend 9/10

    This is Ashlee's best album to date. It's fun & funky and a totally new sound for her.

  5.  I, Robot


    Where to begin with this. Well i'll 1st of all say I, Robot does contain some of the best graphics that i've seen in a movie for a long time.

    And what's good is the story behind all the graphics is also good, I like how the film is not just all about the special effects with no substance.

    The main actors Will Smith and Bridget Monyahan excel in their roles. Smith is as always the hero and Monyahan as the up-tight worker trying to make a difference.

    The film is just less than 2 hours & at some parts it may drag but the action sequences more than make up for the sometimes boring story telling parts of the movie.

    An all round good film.

  6.  Mariah Carey


    Mariah's debut album is a strong start and on here she really showcases those vocals that make her the Superstar she is today. She may go a little over the top on a few songs here but that's what Mariah does.

    My favourite tracks are: Vision Of Love, Someday, There's Got To Be A Way, All In Your Mind and Prisoner.

    Here's how I rate each track:

    1. Vision Of Love 9/10
    2. There's Got To Be A Way 10/10
    3. I Don't Wanna Cry 8/10
    4. Someday 10/10
    5. Vanishing 6/10
    6. All In Your Mind 9/10
    7. Alone In Love 7/10
    8. You Need Me 6/10
    9. Sent From Up Above 6/10
    10. Prisoner 9/10
    11. Love Takes Time 8/10

    A strong start for Mariah and from this you can understand why she's still a force to be reckoned with up to this day.

  7.  Hard Candy


    I got this album about a week before it's release and didn't really know what to expect.

    For starters it didn't disappoint as it's a fresh updated sound for Madge. This is also the 1st time that she's taken a back seat and not produced anything on her album. Instead she has gotten in Timbaland, Timberlake and Pharrel to name a few.

    Other music stars may have teamed up with these before Madge has but they still manage to produce something different.

    Lead single 4 Minutes has such a great beat, She's Not You has a good rhythm and Give It 2 Me is neither Pop or R&B it sits comfortable in the middle.

    My favourite songs are: 4 Minutes, Give It 2 Me, She's Not You, Beat Goes On and Dance 2Night.

    Here's how I rate each track:

    1. Candy Store 8/10
    2. 4 Minutes 10/10
    3. Give It 2 Me 9/10
    4. Heartbeat 8/10
    5. Miles Away 8/10
    6. She's Not Me 10/10
    7. Incredible 7/10
    8. Beat Goes On 8/10
    9. Dance 2Night 7/10
    10. Spanish Lesson 6/10
    11. Devil 7/10
    12. Voices 7/10

    An overall good album from the Queen of Pop but the 1st half of this album is better than the 2nd.

  8.  Charlies Angels


    I bought this game after seeing both movies expecting something fun and exciting.

    How wrong I was!

    The graphics are not good, moves are slow, repitive and clunky. The only good thing about the game is the cut scenes and the fact that the stars of the movies did the voice overs.

    Not a good game, i'll stick to watching the movies and advise you to do the same too.

  9. Konk


    The Kooks - CD

    19 New from  £5.46  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £3.99



    This album is no where near as good as their 1st.

    The only decent song on here is the single Always Where I Need To Be.

    Not a good album.

  10.  The Golden Compass


    I haven't read the book but did go & see the movie and based on the movie I have to say I loved it.

    The film is almost 2 hours long which is understandable as it is a long book but the film doesn't feel as long as it really is.

    Nicole Kidman is super sexy and scary as Mrs Coulter and is such a believable scheming character. New comer Dakota Blue Richards as Lyra is a welcome change to the usual child stars of today.

    So if you want to see a good family film about magic and fantasies then this is for you.