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  1.  only time will tell


    playing on the beta so far the game has been fun and kept me entertained the stand out point for me is the voice acting the quests are good buts as with all mmo they feel too grindy class balance isn't quite right but i hope will be sorted for release the worlds are massive with vast areas to explore all in all its a good game that doesn't really bring anything innovative to the genre but for 39.99 including 1 month game time you cant go far wrong giving this game ago

  2.  could have been better


    played the game for a while the graphics are decent gameplay is ok but doesnt compare with lego star wars if you are looking for a really easy game to play then this is it if your looking for a game that is challenging then look else where all in all this game should be priced £17.99 then it would be value for money

  3.  great show cant wait to buy it


    season 2 is better than the first the only downside is 11 episodes come on why couldnt they release the 11 episodes as part 1 then do another as part 2

  4.  pure class


    season 8 is a brilliant addition to the charmed series and well worth watching for £24.99 its a bargain

  5.  waste of money


    ok where to start i was in line 17 hours for sonys glorified grill got it home plugged it in tried to put motorstorm in it and the blueray drive wouldnt take it so had to return to store to replace it got a second one had it two months and was enjoying the machine then the console decides it doesnt want to find my controllers so i took it back again and learned my lesson got my money back and bought a wii and a 360hd them since june and still going strong

  6.  not the best


    ok the psp where to start if your looking for a handheld that looks good the psp is not for you it basically has 1 thing going for it and thats graphics which is probably why the psp doesnt sell so well. the screen is prone to scratches the loading is horrible and the cover where the umd go everytime i open it i think its going to break

  7.  great peice of hardware


    the ds lite is amazing the touch screen is great and words cant explain how awesome the ds wifi is also dont be put off if you dont have a wireless router all you need is the nintendo wifi usb connector very easy to install and has given new life to all my wifi games

  8.  all its got is the looks


    if your looking for a phone that is stylish and looks good this is the one for you but it has no features now if your looking for a phone that looks good has countless features then take my advice wait for the iphone its amazing got one from the us and i dont go anywhere without it

  9.  what can i say


    you see all this high budget games being realesed and costing you around £30 then you get this game brobably one of the best games ever for £10 buy it

  10.  great fun


    Paintballing is a great sport lots of fun to be had with friends and family not too exspensive either so you can visit more there is only one downside the bruises you will get but whats a couple of bruises for a day full of fun