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  1.  Very good golf game, despite the odd glitch.


    In a nutshell, this is the best golf game I have ever played. It's not perfect, but swinging the Wii-mote to play shots works so well that I can't imagine going back to any other control method. The putting is tricky, but gets a lot easier when you increase your putting ability using "My Skills" and buy a decent putter. Do this ASAP unless you are a glutton for punishment. Beware, there are some bugs. For example, NEVER concede a hole in match play as this seems to destroy your average score and this will make qualifying for Q-School almost impossible. Also if you replay a shot, you may receive a different outcome the second time around. However this can be useful when you receive an unlucky bounce, as sometimes you'll get a good bounce on the replayed version. This has got me out of the water and bunkers numerous times! Buy the game, invest a little bit of time and I think you'll be happy you own a Wii.

  2.  Zen Stone Plus: Very decent LITTLE player


    This is a really good product. It's very small and light (especially compared with my 20GB Creative Zen MP3 player!) but quite robust with it. I don't think it could be easier to use either. Just plug it in to a USB slot and drag and drop.

    The screen is handy for navigating through folders and changing menu options. I find it very useful indeed (as I'm always switching between folders) although if you only plan to have one huge folder with all your tunes on random play I'd suggest the Zen Stone instead.

    The only thing that stops it getting 5 stars is the battery life, which has caught me out once or twice. However it probably is long enough, especially if you are able to recharge at home/work daily. Perhaps I need to be more organised!

    It got stuck a few times at the beginning too (i.e. it wouldn't switch on) so I had to stick a pin in the reset hole to get it going once or twice. However that seems to have settled down now.

    All in all well worth the money, although in the long run, you may need to consider buying some decent headphones to get the best sound out of it. Shure e3c's are quite nice... but that's for another review.

  3.  Mercury Meltdown Revolution


    This is a good game, but not a great one. The puzzles are tricky from the outset, but not so hard as to prevent progress. You will need a steady hand and some lateral thinking to achieve the highest scores, but the locked mini-games can be unlocked quickly by collecting bonus stars. The only problem is the lack of 2 player action. The main game is 1 player only and I can see no way of playing the party games against a friend, as it suggests you can. Therefore you are left with a solid and lasting 1 player game and some mildly entertaining mini-games, if the main action becomes too much. Well worth 3 stars in my opinion and if it were around £20, it would be a worthwhile addition to anyone's Wii games collection.