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  1.  Good Laugh


    I really enjoyed this film and i dont usually like Simon Pegg. The 2 guys along with alien create a strange group of friends that you really start to like. Seth Rogen is his usual lazy bum self and he suits the role of Paul perfectly. There are lots of funny moments and the story keeps you intersted until the end.

  2.  Average at best


    This is one of those films where you think it will be hilarious after looking at the trailer, but when you actually see the film you realise every funny clip was used in the trailer. Something that dissapointed me most was the aliens. It looked like really poor CGI and left them looking like they were not actualy part of the scene, just stuck on top. I wouldnt recommend this film to my friends because its just not that funny.

  3.  Waste of time


    The trailer makes the film look a lot better than it is. There's a few jumpy bits but it's really not scary. The attempt at comedy made the film worse, it wasn't funny and just made you take the film even less seriously. To sum up, an awful film

  4.  Not as Bad as I Expected


    Lets be honest this film isnt going to win any oscars and its biggest fans are young girls that fancy Robert Pattinson. I watched it with low expectations however i was suprised. The film got better later on as it was very slow paced and boring at the begining. It all seemed a bit squeezed in, especially towards the end. Overall this movie isnt bad but its not the sort of film you can watch more than once.

  5.  Lacking


    I was suprised by the first Twilight movie and actually quite enjoyed it but this film does not match up. The story is honestly a bit boring and there isnt really much that happens. The warewolf scenes were pretty good and it picked up towards the end. Am i the only person that finds Bella one of the most boring characters ever? Hoping the next installment is a bit more lively

  6.  Lost it'sMagic


    First off the graphics are very good and the detail in the scenery is stunning. But i dont play a game just to look at the scenery. Admittedly i have only played a few hours of the game so far but at the moment it's been a let down. you basically just watch a cut scene, run a bit, have a battle, run a bit more, have another battle, then watch a cut scene......*YAWN*. Theres no free roaming and exploring or side missions. The battles are also pretty repetitive as al you really have to do is press the A button again and again. To sum up its got the story of a Final Fantasy game but the gameplay lets it down.

  7.  Very Good!


    The single player campaign is pretty short, but what it lacks in quantity it makes up for in quality. The story is OTT which is exactly what you want in this sort of game. Once you have completed the single player you've completed about 25% of the game. Theres still the spec-ops mission which can be difficult and great fun with friends. Then finally there's the online play which is brilliant, its fast paced and mental and you will spend ages trying to get all the attachments and weapons. This game has definately lived up to the hype and is surely 1 of the best games on a next gen console.

  8.  Very Original - Gets Boring


    I played the demo to this game before i bought it and all i could think was how original and quality the gameplay was. The graphics are pretty good too. However once i had the game i became bored of it very quickly. Every level was so similar and you end up just running around and jumping..... and thats it. The combat is very poor, its hard to shoot/fight people and you generally have to just run away. Over all i think this game was a nice idea, but far too repetative.

  9.  Average


    I've had this phone for a year now and basically im just counting down the months to the end of my 18 month contract. There are so many annoying little things about this phone. To start with the touchscreen is poor. The ammount of times i've tried to click on one thing but ended up hitting another is ridiculous. the only way to use the touchscreen succesfully is with the stylus, but unfortunately the stylus is HUGE and doesnt come built into the phone. There are some very useful features to this phone, web browsing is good and watching movies is too as the screen is pretty good. Im not a fan of windows mobile however. The most annoyinh part of the phone is when texting the send button is right below the delete button so i always end up sending half finished texts to people. Overall this phone is good, but could have been a WHOLE lot better

  10.  Old Skool


    This is very much like the original Grand Theft Auto Games, with a few added extras. The story is rubbish, but who cares thats not why you play GTA. Being on the DS makes it a bit more interesting because you can use the stylus for different things e.g. hot wiring a car. I particularly like the work you can do at the tattoo parlour, tatooing people with the stylus. Over all this game is brilliant and at £10 its an absolute steal!