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  1.  A must buy for FPS fans


    I was after this game since launch, but the only thing that delayed me getting it was the reports of faulty controls using Wii Remote. After choosing from a few default settings, I find the controls to be perfect, and it is easy enough to pull of a quick snipe with the zoom button. Using the Wii Zapper makes it even better and more immersive.

    The graphics are great for a Wii game, and the plot and action are top notch. As said before, you can be a real spy and pick soldiers off one at a time, or equally as satisfying is going in all gung ho. I am a fair few hours into the single player game, and it may not be the longest campaign mode. But you can revisit levels, do more objectives and follow other paths and of course, it becomes even more difficult and realistic.

    I would recommend this for those that want a great single / multiplayer shooter on their wii. The controls can be changed easily, and I would speculate there is a setup to suit anyone - or you could just use a game pad I guess. Though the whole draw for Wii games was the Wii remote controller. But yes, get this game now. Bond is Back - woohoo!!

  2.  Please give us more Wii shooters like this!!


    This is an excellent game. Better with the Wii Zapper and the control customisation is great. The graphics are excellent for wii, and online is fun. You have different difficulty levels available, and missions vary. No negatives really. Occasional slowdown when there is loads going on but barely noticeable to be honest and happens rarely. Buy it now!

  3.  Top sequel


    Really enjoyed the first game, Umbrella Chronicles, and played coop with some friends. Instantly ordered this sequel, and we are on the second playthrough as it is so brilliant! As with the first, people are going to mark the game down as it is on rails. But if you don't like on rails, then this is not the game for you!

    If on the other hand, you are after a fun, action packed lightgun shooting game with a great story, then this is for you. The graphics are enhanced over the first game, and so is the action. There are lots of trophies to unlock, which adds incentive to play, and wifi leaderboards. I love all things Resident Evil, and enjoyed this as much as RE4 and the earlier games in the series.

    Some people may be put off by the camera movement, but none of us found it to detract from the experience - it really added to the tension and action to be honest. All in all, this is a solid game and you can't go wrong. Hope we get more mature titles like this for the Wii.

  4.  WOW!!!


    Really enjoyed this game, immense throughout and left you wanting more. Once played through, there are challenge modes, and you can play the main game again on a harder mode which makes the game even more intense. Thoroughly recommended, and we need more games like this on the Wii please!!!!

  5.  The Wii needs more games like this


    Just completed the game, and it is very good. The controls are immaculate and feels very fluid and intuitive. I like using the Wii Zapper, and the only niggle is that I couldn' t map the reload button to it. But got on just fine with the Zapper anyhow. Though the single game is quite short really, it was enjoyable. Though not sure if I will go back to it much as I was on hard mode anyhow. The multiplayer is great, and that really completes the package. Graphics are mostly great. Some not so great, but the majority is really good for Wii. All in all, a fine effort by High Voltage. And considering this is their first game for Wii, their next one should be even better.

  6.  Excellent film - ignore the haters


    Saw that this was getting a few bad reviews, and had to add one myself. This is an excellent film, and I have seen it three times now. I thought the acting was really good. I don't think the makers were out to really flesh out characters and what have you - the emphasis is the action. And theres plenty of it, with memorable scenes and wow moments throughout. 5/5 for me.

  7.  Amazing game


    Played briefly on GTA 2 a while back. This is my first time with GTA since then, and it is simply brilliant. It is challenging as well, and a sign of a good game is when you are itching to pick up and play. Which is what Chinatown Wars is about. Theres a lot of variety, fun and plot to keep you going. One of the best on DS. Hope this sells well so we can have more mature games for the DS.

  8.  stop making this trash


    Gave it a chance, but totally unenjoyable and repetitive. Sold it straight away.

  9.  Nice little gadget


    I think some people expect this to detect your movement in directions, and translate it on the game. No, you still need to use the nunchuk and hold it down in the direction you are going. Just to confirm, as some may be wondering.

    I really like this. I use it on a few single player games and Table Tennis especially. I must admit, I am a fitness junkie. But Jog works really well - which I didn't expect really. Every time you start your jogging on the spot, your character moves on screen. I gave it a 4 star score, as I can see how some would think it is a bit of a gimmick. If you are looking to burn a few more calories while enjoying certain games, I really do recommend it.

  10.  Whats Black and White and Red all over?


    Wow! Thats how we all were when watching / playing this game over the weekend. It has a great style, fabulous gameplay and hilarity throughout. Thoroughly recommended. An excellent gorefest!