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  1.  Finally!


    To repeat what others have said, PES in 09 and 10 didnt do much. If anything they went back a step. I have been a PES fan forever so with that said I feel it was still better than FIFA!

    2011 has made major improvements! The demo is 9/10. There is a lot of room for improvement still but for the first time since PES has arrived on the PS3 it has finally made a massive move forward!

    Heres hoping online gets good! fingers crossed.

  2.  WoW


    I picked this album up expecting it to be good and hopefully as good as riot. I listened to it once and thought ok its alrite, listened again and as i get familiar with the songs i notice this is there best album yet, i cant get enough of it and when tickets go back on sale to see them at the m.e.n arena, i am there. If you like paramore buy this! its great!

  3.  WoW


    What a game, i have just lent this off a mate and first off i can not believe how good these graphics are, they are amazing and the gameplay is top notch as well. The story is really good im only half way through but i know its going to get better and the trophies you can get are great because they are not to easy and the hardest ones are not impossible so if you are a trophy collector these alone will give you around 3 play throughs of the game to get the platinum but even if you hate trophies you stil going to play it over and over because it is great

  4. Skate 2

    Skate 2


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     Really Good


    First of all i just want to say to GTA4GLC and HANNIBAL42 that if you are only basing your reviews on only playing the game one day then please don't bother. I did not play the 1st Skate and i am a newby for Skate 2, i have to admit i am finding it hard but after a few days now it seems to be getting better, as they say practice makes perfect, the story is very good and im impressed with the graphics and i think the trophies on the game to win dont seem to hard to get so there is plenty of incentive to keep playing once the story is complete. Im even going to buy the downloadable content on PS store so i can have a skate around some of the 1st games maps. I give this a 4 star at the moment based on first impressions and a few days playing it but if i wrote this in another week or two id say it could be a 5 star game and for sure not a waste of money. Dont be put off by people slating it after only a couple of hours playing it, you may just need to get to grips with it.

  5.  Fun For Kids


    Bought this game as my girlfriend loves it and to be honest its pretty fun but only with a few people playing, when i am on my own i will never play it. Kids will love this game, really quite easy and its all babies, its a great price to please the little ones and the adults can have a bit of fun to.

  6.  Pure Brilliance


    At a very low price of just £24.99 this game is more than a bargain, after playing it i would have happily paid £39.99 and it would still of been worth every penny. I would recomend this game to any one who has any creativity inside of them even if its a little, you are able to make levels with amazing detail and then put them online for others to play, at 1st i was rubbish but after practice i got better at creating the levels. A must buy!!!!

  7.  Amazing


    I have to agree with the other positive review, i have yet to buy all 3 volumes of this first series as i am waiting for the price to drop a little, but i saw all the episodes on bbc and right from the 1st episode i was hooked the storyline was amazing the cast were brilliant and it was a pleasure to watch i would recomend to anyone i think anyone could enjoy it. im looking foward to the second series on bbc this year i hope.