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  1.  Improvement on last year


    This sbk game is a big improvement to last years game.
    The graphics have had a polish up, you can now rotate the camera around the bike while racing, the career is massive, the handling has been improved which was good anyway but better this year and the load times between each race is a lot faster than last year.
    If you enjoyed sbk x then I would highly recommended buying this it the best bike sim you can buy on any console.
    I just wish milestone would make the next moto gp game and not capcom.

  2.  Awesome wheel


    This wireless wheel for the 360 is great, at first I had my douts, but once I started using it I couldn't believe how responsive it was.
    This is amazing to use if you have forza 4 or any other sim racing game, but no good for arcade racers like NFS.
    I don't usually like wheels,but after playing forza with this at a mates I went straight out and bought 1, the only wheel I have ever liked is the old official 360 White 1, I would say this one is better and it's easier to store as it is a good size.
    If you like your racers and want to make your games more fun and more of a challenge I would highly recommend this.

  3.  Quality game


    This years moto gp game is so much better than last years.
    The graphics are really good this year, alot more polished.
    At first I hated the braking in the game and nearly took it back to the shop but after a couple of hrs playing you get used to it, it's all about braking well in advance for the corners.
    Onine is really good you vote for class track weather and amount of laps which is a good feature.
    I would recommend this to anyone who likes bike games and also the moto gp.

  4.  Great game


    Shift 2 is one of those games you start to play and hate at first, but then you play it for a few hours and it's awsome.
    At first I didn't think the graphics looked much better than the first game but after playing it for a while you relies it is slightly better.
    The new driver cam gives you a sense off being in the car, to sum up the new driving style I would say this is a first person racing game.
    The sounds of the cars are spot on.
    There is plenty to do in this game and the customisation is much better than the first game.
    If you want a good racing game and fancy a change from gt5 or testdrive then buy shift 2.
    You also unlock a couple of cars in the extras menu if you have played shift 1 or hot pursuit in the past.

  5.  Looks amazing Plays Amazing Buy It Now


    This game is brilliant, the story is a little slow but gets really good,
    Im using a 40" samsung 3d tv and can say that the 3d in crysis 2 is top notch, maybe even better than the 3d in killzone 3 and that looks pretty damm good.
    Multiplayer is very addictive, not at all like cod far from it.
    You need to think in this game online.
    This is a more mature fps, so hopefully all the silly little boys on cod will stay on cod.
    If you like fps shooters like killzone you will love this game buy it.

  6.  Amazing controller for racing games


    This controller is awesome if you are going to use it for racing games, I've tried using it on other games like fps and sports games but couldn't get on with it so I use it purely for gt5, need for speed hot pursuit and test drive unlimited 2, it's much better than the official ps3 controller in that respect.
    It's is very comfortable to use and has no dead zones like other third person controllers.
    My advice is if you play a lot of racing games and want a really good controller then buy this one.
    Very nice sleek design.
    One thing to mention is that it comes with a USB dongle and it doesn't have rechargeable batteries so you will have to give up one USB slot, it does have an off switch on the top so you can turn it off when not in use.

  7.  Best fun ive had playing a racing game in ages.


    This need for speed game is awsome, it plays like the originals which were on ps2 and were very good.
    Graphics are top notch as are the sounds of the cars.
    I wish people would stop comparing this to gt5 as they are completley different types of games this is a straight and out arcade racer and gt5 is a pure sim experiance, i have both games and love each title for different reasons, this is more a pick up and play and gt5 is a little more indepth.
    My advice is if you want a game thats fun fast and easy to pick up and play then buy hot pursuit, in a nut shell its quality.

  8.  Pure class


    GT5 is a must buy for any gt fan.
    The game is amazing to look at and has a great single player.
    The 3D part of the game looks spot on.
    The tracks are spot on, there are plenty to keep you going for a while.
    I must say to anyone that didn't like prolouge won't like this game as it plays the same, it is basicly the same as prolouge but with more cars and tracks.

  9.  Wicked game a must buy for any music lover


    If you love the first game then you will love dj hero 2, there are some amazing mixes on this game I would say they are better than the first game and they were pretty good, another thing that this game has unlike the first is a career mode you start off as a basic character then you build your character up as you progress unlocking mixes clothes decks ect ect, I haven't been able to put this turntable down

  10. Mafia II

    Mafia II


    4 New from  £10.37  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £6.44



    Wow what a game, ive only played it for about 2 hrs and im hooked.
    The graphics are superb, the gameplay is brilliant and the voice acting is the best ive herd in any game.
    It is probably the first gta style game ive played that feels realistic.
    Its like playing a gangster film.
    If you love films like the untouchables and once upon a time in the bronxe then just buy it.
    Its what godfather 2 should have been.