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  1.  Star wars


    to start with i have to disagree with the people that are slating this game, i do agree this was too short, i completed in 8hours
    the story is ok but moving away from that the game play is brilliant, the additional light saber is great, the graphics are great, the level layout is what u expect running around a space station there will be coridoors etc some new baddies to fight which inc ones which are not effected by the force which adds more difficulty, the new addition of the mind trick is brilliant see storm troopers shooting each other or jump of a bridge is worth repeating over and over
    This nonsence of the game crashing i cannot comment on as mine worked perfectly from start to finish
    I would recommend this game as i enjoyed from start to finish and am sure a 3rd is on its way!!

  2.  use the force!!


    this game is great, a little repetative in places buy hey u dont get bored with throwing people around a must buy for star wars fans A**

  3.  Bond... James Bond


    good game, graphics are good and game play is great, the overall game is short with hardly any replay factor, the best point after you complete story mode is the skill u have 2 use online which makes this game a must, enjoyed through out!

  4. Okami


    Nintendo Wii

    6 New from  £12.99  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £22.99

     a must buy!


    this is amazing game play, even better then the ps2 version (is the same game) because of the controls on the wii, graphics are unreal and very in depth a must buy for zelda fans!

  5.  v v good


    mario at his best, this game is great, everythin about mario is in this game, some of the camera angles do get annoying but doesnt effect the game play too much, a must buy for all!
    bring on galaxy 2

  6.  sorry


    this game was great on the ps1, when re released on wii i thought it would be even better, i expected the wii controls to be intergrated into the game play, how wrong was i!
    i kind of hoped this would of had more of a res4 feel, i was utterly disappointed! and will not be buyin the future archive res evil games, keep the memories of the origional as that origional very poor re release origional would be 5 stars sadly this has put the rating way down, please just buy retro version if you still have gamcube or ps1

  7.  Quality game


    splintercell on the wii is great the graphics are good enough and the gameplay is amazing! bargain for £18 must buy for wii owners