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  1.  No Blackened :(


    I just played the demo and it seems like a Guitar hero game, nothing much has changed but then it doesnt need to does it? The other guitar hero games fall down from lack of decent songs IMO. But this one however has so many that ill be playing it for hours. (You might guess that i like Metallica haha). Theres some good tunes on there, however i was disappointed to see that blackened is missing.. oh well you cant have it all ey? And as for the hardest song on there.... Battery is in with a shout but I reckon "Disposable heroes" and "Fight fire with fire" wont be easy!!
    Cant wait for this to come out should be awesome

  2.  The most frustrating thing....


    I was looking forward to this game and eventhough i knew that capcom STILL hasnt sorted out the lack of an ability to move whilst shooting i thought it should still be a good enough game... However, as the Resident Evil games have gone on there seems to be less and less creativity. Theres no more puzzles to solve its blindingly obvious where to go due to it being so linear and all you seem to do is shoot things, wave after wave of AI restricted enemies... The graphics are stunning but then being a next gen game youd expect that right?. But what i cant figure out and i know that many of other people have mentioned this looking through the reviews, is why cant you move when aiming?! its the most infuriating part of the game which unfortunately for RE5 is most of it!! Every other game can manage it so why cant this one?
    In all, i was disappointed with this game and i dont think id recommend it to anyone, i wish i would have saved the money and wait for Guitar Hero: Metallica to come out!!