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  1.  This is not Radiohead.


    This "best of" has had a lot of controversy because this has been released by Radiohead's old record label EMI. Radiohead would never release a pointless "best of."
    But, if you've never listened to Radiohead then this is a decent collection to listen to. It has a lot of great songs made by Radiohead. However, I would not recommened this to a starter. It's missing a lot of great tracks as well and Radiohead are a band that make good ALBUMS. If you want to start listening to the greatest band ever, it would be better to listen to OK Computer and go from there.

  2.  Better than The Beatles.


    And I'm not lying. This album is the greatest thing to ever come out of Britain. It's pure excellence will sink into you and will live forever. There is not a single track on this album that isn't average, they're all genius!

  3.  Very Good.


    After Portishead bounced onto the British music scene with a whole new style they quickly became loved by the trip-hop followers with their debut album "Dummy."
    The second, self titled album by Portishead is even better than Dummy. It's darker and the vocals are better and you know this just by the first track - Cowboys. As the album continues you'll have to smile by the brilliance of it. All Mine, Mourning Air, Seven Months and a fantastic closing song, Western Eyes are 11 out of 10 songs. If you're not satisfied after the first listen I advise you to listen again and again and again. Great album.

  4.  Catchy


    The first time I heard this album I thought "I don't like this, it's just a load of noise." But, I went away and all I had in my head was the amazing drumming, the fabolous guitar work and the crazy vocals. All I wanted to do is keeping listening. I listened to the entire album again and loved it. Give it a chance, it's a brilliant album.

  5.  Extremely good


    I consider this album as good as (What's the story) Morning Glory and Definitely Maybe. The first half of this album is the best start to an album Oasis have done, it's mind blowing.

  6.  Deja Vu


    Once again, Denzel Washington makes a stunning performance in this fantastic movie. It really makes you think and the movie all comes together at the end, really well produced movie by Tony Scott.

  7.  The Best.


    The best album from Linkin Park. It is my favourite album of all time for many reasons. Mike Shinoda's rhyme's mixed with heavy guitar and occasional "screaming" and vocals from Chester Bennington creates perfect rock music. This is a must buy album, a perfect album with every song reaching pure excellence.

  8.  Underrated


    This is one of my favourite albums from Radiohead. It's so different from other British rock bands and it takes a while before it actually hits you with it's brilliance. Pyramid Song, Knives Out, Like Spinning Plates, Life In A Glasshouse, I Might Be Wrong, Dollars and Cents are all outstanding songs and the rest are great. This album is better than Kid A and I also reccommend OK Computer, Hail To The Thief, In Rainbows AND The Bends to purchase.

  9.  Brilliant Album


    The first thing you should do with this album is not see it as a Linkin Park album. They have changed their style completely and to be honest, it works. Unlike my favourite album ever, Hybrid Theory; Minutes To Midnight takes a more subtle approach. It's not as heavy as the previous two albums and Mike Shinoda isn't as involved. Bleed It Out, What I've Done, Shadow Of The Day, The Little Things Give You Away are all amazing songs. But the song that does it for me is In Pieces. It has a gradual build up to a nice climax which is impossible not to sing along to.

    GREAT album, buy it.

  10.  BETTER than sliced bread.


    An incredible album. UNKLE has a great talent and it shows in this album (and the other 2). Spooky rhythm that can be fully respected if you listen to it properly. Celestial Annihilation is a fantastic song. Rabbit In Your Headlights and Lonely Soul are brilliant songs that will send you to another planet. Close your eyes, sit back and let this album drift you away...