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  1.  Some Good, Some Bad


    This game is very similar to the PC version in the sense where you can buy cars and customise your people and house in the same way, so the gameplay is very similar.
    However, you are restricted in the amount of houses you can buy, there is only seven different houses and at the start of your game you can only afford a couple. I got bored of this within a week and hardly play it anymore, you can see how unsucessful its been because its number 70 on the top sellers list and has only been out about 3 weeks.
    If you like the sims and have a decent PC then buy it for that. Or if you want it on console then wait for it to drop in price as 40 is way to much for this, buy black-ops if you have 40 to spare on a game.

  2.  Useless!!


    This headset is rubbish. Its very uncomfortable and every 5 seconds it does this double beep. Have looked it up online and it says its a low battery warning even though my ps3 tells me its fully charged! Even so I charged it for 4 hours then tried and it still beeps. Its just not worth buying, it has been beeping ever since day one!
    Buy a wired one, they are far less hassle!

  3.  Its good but frustrating!


    Its ok,I wouldnt want to spend the full price on it, I brought it when it was on sale. Its very frustrating, your own player starts off rubbish and its hard to level him up because he is so bad. I can see me neeeding to replace a couple of controllers after playing this game as they have flown around the room a few times!
    There isnt much choice of clubs either, not as much as I expected anyway. They should also have an option where you can create your own courses, so you can go around your own personal local ones, I think that would be great!
    All in all its good if you like golf, however the putting system is a bit weird.

  4.  Installing is a problem!


    As they have decided to use steam for this game installing takes ages, mine took 23.5 hours! They should make it how the old ones were made where you just use the disk which takes 15 min! Steam is rubbish!
    However, once you finally have it installed it is good, best total war games of them all!

  5.  Brilliant!


    The campaign mode is amazing, its very well thought out and could last you a few hours. the horde online game is good for you and your friends, but the other online modes seem to have been ruined by nerds who play this all day long!

  6.  Dead set


    I thought dead set was really good at first but then the ending was absoulutely terrible. The series isnt even scary, no where near as bad as any other zombie films. If you buy this then watch te first 4 episodes but dont bother on the last one!

  7.  Buy this game!!!


    this game is great. the graphics are brilliant, the single player mode gives you hours of fun. on xbox live this game is the best, its so fun and you wont get bored of it. its very easy and quick to get a game on xbox live and i found that this game is the easiest game to use on xbox live. you must buy this, an xbox 360 is not the same without this game.

  8.  its Great!!!


    this game is brilliant and u wont get tired of it. i have had the game ever since it came out but now sometimes it doesnt load up and goes back to my desktop, but this is after ages of having the game and for £7.99 it is totally worth it!