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  1.  Under-rated


    I like this game, alot. the graphics are pretty sweet, controls are good and this type of game suits the Wii [first person shooter] down to the ground. however, there are problems. the biggest one i have is that I am left handed, yet you can't set the gun to change sides on the screen [IE i use the remote in my left hand, were as the gun appears in the right hand] and many of the levels feel very similar. Also, the sword contorls are pretty poor.

    Personally I think this is a good 1st attempt, i just hope if a Red steel 2 comes out they will have sorted these faults out. My advice is to rent it first, since many people don't like this game.

  2.  First, you get the money............


    I have to admit, i prefer fps's, but this game knocked my socks off!

    The best game i have for the wii right now, this game is none stop action! it rocks. Altho, at times the graphics can be suspect, this is made up for the shooting and driving controls. You really feel like you're in the game, ducking behind the sofa for cover in gun fights for example :P

    This game also makes excellent use of both the Wii Remote + Nuchuck.

    If you liked the GTA series, you'll love this, its a must have! =D

  3.  Great Stuff


    I brought this for my sisters birthday, thinking that it wasnt a great game and that i wud never play it. How wrong I was!

    Its a great, original idea that has you on the edge of your seat while trying to save lives. It also makes use of the wii's unique controls really well.

    The Only draw back to this game is that there are many scenes, which can pop-up even during an operation, that become annoying after a while.

    But over all a really quite good game :)

  4.  Love it!


    I'm not a big fan of fones, but i love this one! it looks great, and works really well. Not only that but it is dirt cheap! :P

    I highly reconmend this phone to any1, the camera is great and it can store a fair amount of pictures. However if you like your mobile to be used as an mp3 player, then re-think your decision, because it has very little memory for tonnes of mp3 tracks.

    Otherwise top notch :)