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  1.  You cant go wrong for the money


    Not being tip top with tech, i did my research and stumbled across this little beauty.
    Double checked as i couldnt belive the quality of contracts, screen size and quality for the price, as such i went for it, and im so glad i did.
    Looks really stylish, thin, nice big screen, fantastic picture quality and above all it makes my office look dead cool :)

    Hope this helps

  2.  Rhythm Paradise = Fun, Challenging, New, Diverse and Superb!


    Rhythm Paradise is a game that takes tasks that often have little to do with music and turns them into a test of your musical timing.
    Learning each task is simple enough, with a combination of taps and flicks of the stylus on the touch-screen however keeping up with the rhythm can be quite a challenge.
    You are given a tutorial at the beginning of each round covering the basics. However, when the music starts for real, that's when it gets a little trickier.
    Each action is mixed up in time to the beat and while not 'difficult' in any sense, Rhythm Paradise isn't the most forgiving game you'll ever play.
    My only gripe (and its a very small one) is that the game can seem ever so fussy about the pass rate it gives you for each task. You'll feel you've done more than enough to progress, but the game will then review you effort and a "Failed, Try Again" screen, if you haven't done enough to secure a 'Superb' rating, you'll get a grudging "Just OK". Although this does add to the challenge, and makes you want to replay that mission again to get the long awaited "Superb" rating...infact I was even told on one occasion "you're good at surfing... as long as you don't stand up". Thanks for that!

    All the music in the game have a very catchy tone and beat, and to put it simply - i've never played a game quite like this before, and i think is such a brilliant game - everyone should have a copy!


  3.  Classic Worms - What more needs to be said?!


    If you havent played worms...where have you been.
    It was simply one of the best games on the Amiga, and is still a classic today.
    With Worms: Open Warfare, they have tried to add some 3d grahpics, few new weapons etc, but its really still the same old amiega game, and thats not a bad things.
    However now you can play online via WiFi which adds another fantastic element.

    Only things that slightly annoys me is the camera angle, but its only a minor gripe, and for the price of £10, you cannot go wrong!

  4.  Fantastic


    Great graphics, awsome storyline, good sound effects - this is a brilliant game.

    The only thing that is slightly frustrating is the camera angle, you cannot see that far ahead, althogh you can adjust this slightly, so its only a very minor gripe.

    The storey line is, as with all GTA's, interesting, funny and exciting, keeps you ploughing through the game.

    A great game at a bargain price...a must buy!

  5.  As brain training games go, this is the best!


    This is brain trainig with a storyline, although my only fault with this game is that the storyline can go on a bit, so you find tyourself tapping the screen like made to get on with the next puzzle.

    However it does add another dimension to the game which i like, and keeps you guessing at the puzzles.

    Brilliant game

  6.  Great fun & a decent price


    For those that are thinking about buying one of these, just do it. Its great fun, with a range of games for everybodys needs, this really is fantastic.
    Camera is querky -screen is nice size and very clear, sounds is loud and of good quality, and the unit itself is very well built.
    I havent put mine down yet!

  7.  5/5 Brilliant Strategy Game


    For those who liked the games such as Settlers, Command and Conquer, Knights and Merchants and Theme Park, then this will be right up your alley.

    Very simply, the idea is to colonise a series of islands, to produce food, crops, milk, wood etc to feed and boost your people.

    With a great story line, easy controls, colourful graphics and nice sound - this is a must buy in my opinion!