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  1.  Use a Gamecube Pad


    How can people complain about the controls, I take it they didnt bother to open the manual or look on the back of the box and see that you can use a GAMECUBE PAD instead, and play it just like the saturn version.

    I mean sheesh, dont complain unless you have tried all the options. If you played the saturn version you are obviously a gamer and will have a cube pad.

  2.  the ultimate chase film


    there isnt really much else to say about this fim other than what has been mentioned.

    It revolves around a man being chased in his poor performance car by a hulking juggernaut.

    If you like this film i suggest you also try The Car, another 70's chase film.

  3.  Excellent Chase film


    This is an excellent chase film, much in the guise of other 70's horror/thriller/chase style fims such as Duel.

    It takes place in an american town where a large black town is terrorising the residents,

    No one knows who is driving it, the windows are blacked out and there are no handles on the door.

    The scariest thing in the film is the noise the car makes when running down its victims, a shrill horn that peirces the sole.

    Overall ,a great chase film that is well worth the fiver that play is offering it for.

    And on a side note if you have ever seen the futurama episode, The Honking, this is the idea behind it.

  4.  Propaganda


    Possibly one of the most famous pieces of political writing ever.

    This book contains the entire manifesto (only a few pages), the introductions of most of the editions of the manifesto, and an indepth discusion about the manifesto (most of the book).

    Its good if you are doing a study on it, or wanting to read about its effect on the world, other than that you can skip straight to the manifesto and come back and read about the effects later.

  5.  Good game, not as good as the first one


    Ive got them both on the dreamcast, and although this one is good, it just doesnt have the polish or shine that the first game had. The dreamcast version doesnt have an english dub like this one so that is about the only advantage, but it has many disadvantages to the dreamcast version, most of them being graphical glitches, like jagged edges and text on posters and signs not being as sharp as the dreamcast version.

    If this is all you can get then get it, but i recomend getting the dreamcast version instead, along with the first game, as you can carry over your save and continue the timeline and items you have collected.

  6.  Build your own city


    I got this out a few days ago, and in response to the other reviewer it works on XP and on Vista (I have installed it on both).

    The game really is great, you have to look after everything in your city from power to waste disposal (a new feature over SS2000), there are the usual natural diasters and comical ones (UFO attack etc). These can be pretty anoying but you can turn them off if you dont want your city destroyed.

    My favourite thing in SS3000 is the building editor, it allows you to create your own buildings from a tiny cafe style thing to massive skyscrapers of your own design, whatever you can think of it can by built.

    This is the UK edition which is just Sim City 3000 Ultimate/worldwide with the addition of UK architecture, but it still contains the European, Asian and American styles of the Ultimate/Worlwide edition.

    Overall a great game and will keep you entertained for hours as you build your own city

  7.  Amazing


    this tv is absoulutly amazing, i have my 360 hooked up through the component on 1080p and the picture is great, i have my wii pluged into the scart and that looks great, i would have tried the hdmi slot with my brothers ps3 but he has a gaming chair and to work it needs the red and white, so we bought the official component cable and it looks great displaying in 1080p. i have to say this is one of the best hd tvs ive seen and its have the price and does 1080p, my freid has a bravia for double the price and its only 1080i. overall a quality buy and an amzing price, it even has an analoge tunner in it which is great as digital does not work in the room it is in for some reason

  8.  Cool


    This not is hot rod renamed like the preivious reviwer said it is the one form the original film where he is renamed rodimus after taking over as comander of the autobots. overall a good figure it takes me back to the old days when i had loads of these

  9.  Excellent


    I have this one in the complete universe, and i have to say it is one of the best episodes of B5. The atmoshpere of this one is amazing it is rather dark compared to the actual series. Its also good to see how the make up changed when the series started.

  10.  Gothic style


    This is an excellent film, the design of the ship is really good. I always imagined the Imperial Ships of Warhammer 40000 to be like this inside with the massive open spaces and large windows.