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  1.  Honest and Hilarious


    This is a great book and if it was only fiction it would still be excellent. As an insight into my favourite comedian, it's fantastic.
    Funny, moving and a great read. Frank pulls no punches and reveals everything. Highly recommended!

  2.  Great Blu-Ray


    This is a good example of a great Blu-Ray film. Sound and picture quality are far superior to the DVD. Excellent!

  3.  Sounds too good to be true, and it is.


    I bought this for use with compact cameras. I have two, a cannon Powershot A630 and Panasonic TZ5. The Canon is quite a hefty piece of kit, but with a central tripod socket so as long as I keep the balance central and don't lean the tripod at all, then it manages okay. So it's good for wrapping the legs round a horzontal branch or rail. Once off centre, gravity kicks in and it starts to tilt and lean and cannot support the Canon.
    The Panasonic TZ5 is a smaller, lighter camera than the Canon, but the tripod socket is at the side of the camera base. So the tripod NEVER holds this camera well. I dare say I could carefully balance the camera at a weird angle and it would hold, but that's no use to me!
    Instead, I bought a cheap mini-tripod with rigid legs and use that much more than the more expensive and "clever" Joby.
    If the leg articulation was lockable, this would be a must-have piece of kit. As it is, it's a neat curiosity that may or may not prove useful.

  4.  Dull and hard work


    Having read and enjoyed "Letter to a Christian Nation" by the same author, I was looking forward to "The End of Faith".
    I found it dull and hard-going. I have given it several goes and just given up. Life's too short!
    The people who really need to read a book like this aren't going to go near it and for the rest of us, there are better books about. "Letter to a Christian Nation" for a start and of course "The God Delusion" by Richard Dawkins, which covers broardly the same stuff and is much more readable.

  5. Neves


    Nintendo DS

    3 New from  £17.99  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £10.97

     A great game nobody's heard of


    This is a great game for people that don't usually like computer games as it's an implementation of an old "fit the blocks" game.

    You are given a silhouette and a set of geometric shapes which may be rotated or flipped to be fitted to cover the silhouette. When the silhouette is covered precisely, you win that game. And that's it. However, it's VERY addictive. Great to pick up and put down as and when you want. Highly recommended for adults who fancy a nice quiet play, not so good for kids IMO.

  6.  Better than expected


    Having once sent back a Texet frame which cost £50 and looked cheap and plasticy, I was so delighted with this £17.99 frame I promptly ordered another!

    The frame appearance is black with a clear perspex border which makes the whole thing much more stylish that it's price suggests.

    There is a stand which attaches with a bayonet fitting for either portrait or landscape format (there's a menu option to rotate the image for portrait format).

    The picture resolution is bright and clear though in widescreen format, which means that normal 4:3 pictures are cropped slightly. There is an option in the frame to crop the pictures differently though the auto setting works well and I haven't noticed the cropping in use..

    There's a choice of speeds of image cycling and the screen brightness is adjustable too. The frame also works with SDHC, which is good.

    All in all, a bargain! =)

  7.  Not the best deal.


    I paid £17.99 for mine on one of Play's wild amazonesque price fluctuations (designed to make you visit the site every day). I bought it as a higher quality and hopefully faster alternative to the cheaper (£16.99) blue 16GB stick which I already own. I didn't get the keyring (nor did they send me one when I asked for it, just the same item again, duh!).

    The quality isn't as good as the photograph suggests and there's no dust protection for the USB plug.

    The best thing about it is that it's visibly different from all the blue USB sticks of varying capacities I have lying about. It works fine though, and wasn't dear so I'm happy enough with it. I've since bought another of the blue 16GB sticks ones and will stick to them in future. I prefer the dust protection their cap provides and they stream films just fine so there are no speed issues to worry about.

    Bottom line: Play sells cheaper alternatives that do a better job than this item.

  8.  Ace Combat evolved


    It's more of the same Ace Combat action. The flying is simple and easy to pick up. There's little "simulation" details to fiddle about with, so the emphasis is firmly on having fun.

    The graphics are excellent with beautifully detailed aircraft and reasonable ground detail.

    I don't find the Ace Combat games great to play for long periods, as the missions can be quite samey. i.e. You're in a plane, you shoot things. But what can you expect, platform sections? :-)

    But for a quick high-adrenaline blast, Ace Combat is great, and until they do the sequel to the fabulous Crimson Skies on the 360, this is the best flyer there is on the platform, IMO.

    Only three stars as it's not a game to grab and hold you for days and days.

  9.  A brilliant film for all whitecollar workers!


    This film is very funny and will be enjoyed by anyone who's worked in an office! It's is chock-full of great humour. It's a film you probably won't have seen unless someone recommended it to you, so here's the recommendation! :-)

  10.  A great series you probably didn't see!


    I bought the PAL version of this, so my comments are based around that experience.

    Firefly is a science-fiction western-themed show. Sounds bizarre, I know, but lord help me it works!

    I'm not going to try and describe it to you, but if you enjoy Star Trek, Babylon 5 etc., you will probably enjoy this.