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  1.  Graphics Junkie Geeks


    Where to begin. There is a new generation of game players who are seriously ruining the gaming market. I call them "graphics Junkie GeekS".

    Everyone appreciates a beautiful looking game. But they don't rely on it's beauty to get their kicks. Take Crysis as a prime example. Great graphics, yes, and much appreciated. But where's the flippin gameplay. Thats where i wanna get my kicks!!

    I'm an old school gamer, I belong in the "Contra", "Streets of rage" era. Games which set standards. Tekken, SSX, Quake2, Half Life 2... enough said.

    Far Cry was a "nice" game. nothing ground breaking, it's major problem was it's "Sandbox" gameplay.

    "Crysis" is "far cry" with a fancy suit. The suit is a gimmick, and soon gets boring, and the missions and story are lame to the bone. And thats all i have to say about the game. =)

    This year i've played alot of PC games, Including Gears of war and COD 4, Which in my opinion are leaps better than Crysis. But here is an even interesting comparision.

    Crysis vs Kane and Lynch

    The same sheep who claim Crysis to be the king of games, are saying Kane and lynch is rubbish.

    Kane and Lynch, with all it's glitches, is a better game. It has a story you actually care about, and the voice acting of both the main characters is top notch. Also, the graphics when set to highest settings, are great. It's an old school game, it has class, like max payne and GTA.

    Crysis, isn't a 1 star game. But for all the praise it has recieved, i've had to balance the scores out. I own a 8800 gtx and 3g ram. So i've seen the game in all it's beauty. It's really not enough anymore. i'd have more fun playing Toe jam & earl in Coop.

    And by the way, the same goes with Unreal tournament 3. Great graphics, saaammmmeeee gameplay as 2004.
    So whats the point!!