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  1.  What a deal!


    Geeze louiseeeee!
    This is an amazing deal!
    A great console!
    Two great games!
    A great blu ray film!
    The blu ray remote!
    For the price of just the console itself!?
    You're saving well over £100...
    This is such a good deal and a perfect christmas present. Get it?

  2.  Highly disappointed


    I always loved how with Kano's albums the first time you listen through, you love it. Then the second time you listen through you love it even more because you really listen to the lyrics.

    With this one though, I listened through the first time and loved it, then listened the second time to find that the lyrics were terrible, the things he talks about are awful. What separated kano from the rest was that he spoke sense instead of violence. On nearly all tracks he mentions how he has gone back to his old ways and is still a gangsta and will do all this Fing and Blinding.

    It's just terrible and has really put me off him now. What a shame, what a waste of an amazing talent.

  3.  Great game. Great Price


    This is one of my favourite PS3 games to date. I have played many since this as it was my very first game but I still think it is truly amazing.
    Also... it is so cheap! It's a must must must buy, especially at this price.

    You could say the gameplay is slightly repetetive, but that is exactly the same as with any game (Find enemy, bash the buttons till you kill them), so there's no problem there.

    The graphics are amazing, it shows off the PS3's beauty aha.

    The storyline is truly immense. Storylines tend to let alot of games down, but this game has it all...

    Buy it. You won't regret it.

  4.  Same as GH3... WHICH WAS GREAT!


    OK, I hear people complaining that its the same as guitar hero 3, now wasnt guitar hero 3 just one of the greatest games!...

    Same graphics = Amazing
    Same Style = Amazing
    Same points and star power system etc = amazing!

    Its like one giant expansion pack for GH3 which I think is absolutely great to be honest. so far Ive realised the songs arent too metally which is very good for those who thought that was the only downside to number 3. But of course, knowing GH there will be some heavy songs on this game, I have only just started so I wouldnt know yet.

    So if you loved guitar hero and you want a giant expansion pack with loads of great songs, get this as that is exactly what it is.
    I hope this helped.

  5.  Amazing? I think so =)


    I played the demo to this at a friends house... OVER AND OVER AGAIN...
    I thought it was amazing so I actually went and bought a ps3 purely for this game. I got it and I wasnt disappointed. its fantastic the whole way through. some people say its too short but if it was any longer, surely it would make the same mistake so many other games make and drag on.... its short and effective, right to the point. bring on number 2.....

  6.  American daddy =)


    I've watched some of these episodes online and it's actually...

    How can I put this..

    FLIPPIN AMAZING! American dad is a hundered times better than family guy, it's funnier and actually has a storyline.

    I'm getting this the day it comes out even though I would have already watched them all online.

    If you haven't got any of the American Dad DVDs, get them now. Unless of course you want to avoid addiction.

  7.  Easily the best ever Disney movie


    This is 13 years old but it never loses it's value. It is completely amazing to the last detail and will either have you laughing or singing out loud.

    Get it =)



    This game is exactly what everyone needs.
    -Special moves

    Yeah I agree that the graphics aren't that good but it is NOT true that the gameplay gets boring and repetetive...


    It's also cheap so by all means... Buy it!


  9.  Simply the best.


    Better than all the rest.

    This game has the greatest everything you could ever hope for in a game, the storyline has so much meaning to it and it will make you laugh, get angry and even cry. On top of that; this game take quiiiiiiite a while to complete so if you're looking for an amazing game that will keep you occupied for a long time; buy this!