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    To me this show is the modern day version of Friends. It is pure brilliance. as in friends there is more than one lead actor (like there is in everybody loves raymond; frasier) and it works fantasically!!

    I was late to catch onto this but caught some of it by mistake on E4 and was hooked. the idea is genius - A LOVE STORY IN REVERSE - told from the year 2030 Ted recounts the story of how he met his children's mother in a flashback sense but it doesn't feel like that and isn't annoying as flashbacks can be.

    Neil Patrick Harris has got to be one of the true highlights of the show playing Barney - but all of the characters are great in their own right.

    This show has come late to the UK as series 2 has only just hit the screens whilst our atlantic counterparts are on series 5. i have managed to get my hands on s2 - 4 and am currently enjoying the new series - a particular highlight is the episode - "Swarley" from S2!!

    but all the episodes are great and there is never a dull moment in this real, believable, well crafted and superbly executed sitcom.

    if your not hooked now.....you will be by the end......

  2.  SUPERB!!


    I wanted to watch this film for a while but never quite got around to until i bought it and watched it and was very impressed.

    It is a film that never got the publicity it deserved, most probably because it is not what we have come to know as a "mainstream" teen film that caters to the masses.

    there are however elements of other teen films in this one - JUNO for example can clearly be seen here.

    Mandy Moore is excellent and its great to see MC back in the acting game showing that he can still do it after all these years.

    The overwhelming positive reviews of this film speek for themselves - so give it a watch and you will not be disapointed!!



    I have given this film four stars for two reasons - firstly because i feel as though it warrents it and secondly to try and boost the average rating of the film which i feel is harsh - but mostly the first reason.

    As pointed out by a previous reviewer nicole richie on the front cover is a little bit decieving as although she is in the film her total screen time is probably only 5% of the total length - and so if you are a "die hard" fan of hers then the film is not for you.

    Personally, i think that it is a very good thing that her time in the film is limited because her acting skills are below par and quite frankly she looks ill in the film.

    This film was massively under advertised and not well known - but it should be because it is a good teen film with a difference. its not your typical american pie or road trip teen comedy although it does have its funny parts, it is more of a thought-provoking teen film.

    In a way it reminded me of Freedom Writers and parallels can be drawn between the two.

    The story is based on a number of true stories in which american high school students had been suspended for expressing free speech and the film follows a group of teens campaigining against their Draconian head teacher who is opressing their views.

    The final result is a very watchable, entertaining and different film that i would highly recommened.

    Its a good price so get it and give it a watch!!



    This guy is the most UNFUNNY comedian i have EVER SEEN. he tries rediculously hard to be funny and fails at every hurdle. He is quite frankly RUBBISH!!

    Save your money and watch paint dry instead.....much more enteraining.



    A must see!!

    The hype surrounding the film is all deserved!!

    The plot is fantastic and is funny throughout!!

    The funniest, most original comedy in years!!

    A must watch!!



    what a waste of time this film is.

    just utter drival!!


  7.  CHARMING!!


    A fantastic spin on the classic fairytale.

    Yes you know what is going to happen in the end, but that is all part of the charm because you would not want it to unfold any other way.

    The film is a thoroughly entertaining, interesting, funny and heart-warming film which will have you glued throughout!!


  8.  Thought it would be better than it was....


    The film in my estimation is OK and just that, it is entertaining in parts, but by no means a classic as other films feating Rudd such as Role Models or the 40 year old virgin or even Forgetting Sarah Marshall with Jason Segal who in this film just seems a bit lackluster to me.

    I watched the film expecting it to be better than it was, and was left a bit disapointed, it is watchable, but i wont be rushing to watch it again.

  9.  Good......but not as good as Borat.


    I give borat a 10/10 and think without a doubt that it is one of the funniest films, if not the funniest film i have seen in my whole life and i think because of that bruno just doesnt quite live up in my expectations.

    Also, i think that the adverts have shown way too much of the film, the film is only 83 minutes and the adverts show so much that when it comes to the film you know what is coming and where you have laughed at the advert you dont laugh at the film, i wish the promotion of the film was more discrete, borat was such a success that the advert could quite easily be a super fast run through simply stating from the creator of borat and people would go and see it, rather than have it somewhat spoiled.

    That is not to say that the film is not funny because it is and there are some unseen moments that are helarious and one thing sasha baron cohen could never be accused of is not having balls!! If you watch the film you will know exactly what i mean!!

    The film is very very rude, much ruder than borat and in my view it perhaps relies on this too much.

    Overall, a very funny film, but not at the same high standard set by borat.



    Just watched the film this past weekend and thought it was really entertaining!!

    Kevin James gives a great show in the film and his comic acting is superb, with some moments making you laugh out loud.

    A great silly film, which although somewhat predictable is very funny and a must watch!!