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  1.  In space no one can hear you cry for what you just paid for!


    Purchased on day of release as I am a big fan of the Aliens films. The last Aliens vs Predator game is better graphically. This was originally intended for the PS2 and you can see that! Poor graphics, poor gameplay and way to much money. It should have been released at a budget price.

  2.  Hit and Miss Man!


    I loved these games back in the day. The HD upscaling is satisfactory and functional. Bought this mainly for Blood Money. Would have rated higher but this game lacks descent control figuration. Maybe a patch will be available soon to change this?

  3.  POOR!


    Avoid like the plague!
    This has to be the worst game ever to come out of japan! The controls are so so awful. You have no or little control, just go to ign and watch the review. Most top game critics have ridculed this pile of doggy do do
    Luckily i managed to trade two days later with little lose of purchase price. I don't know what the other two reviewers are on but they must own wii's or something lol

  4.  A must for all martial arts fans!


    I managed to watch a few of these on the History channel. Well worth a watch. The CGI breakdown and demonstration of techniques to certain styles is excellent!

  5.  Bugged?!


    Good solid RPG. Have got very fed up with it crashing/freezing though :-(

  6.  Bulletstorm in a teacup!


    Graphically and control wise this game is amazing, but as for the single player campaign. Forget it! Far too repetitive. If you are looking for a classy first person shooter go for Killzone 3, even Killzone 2 outshines this! I know this game is poking fun at itself but it just does not work. Epic should stick what they are best at with the Gears of War series on Xbox 360.

  7.  007!


    Why are the critics having a go at this game?!
    The cutscenes are movie like, the playability is excellent. Love the close quarters combat and stealth. Driving missions are difficult but addictive.
    Also one of the best games I've played online for ages. Online is limited but a hell lot fun!

  8.  Over Hyped!


    Lets get one thing straight, the graphics and sound are awsome. The campaign can be completed in a few hours. very linear and sometimes you do not feel like you are in control. Each level is over before you blink and very messy in some place. The enemy A.I. is awful, sometimes I had to reload checkpoints because of this. As for online, two words GOOD LUCK! There are just far too many people playing and the servers just cannot handle it. Oh did I also mention all the bugs online and off! If you want a truly brilliant first person shooter and some online multiplayer depth then go and get Battlfield Bad Company 2! or even Killzone 2. These games put the Call of Duty series to shame.

  9. Mafia II

    Mafia II


    6 New from  €20.32  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  €12.61



    amazing story and graphics. Good solid gameplay, if some what linear.
    Exclusive bonus missions DLC on ps3 only! with very good replay value. Should keep me quiet untill Assassins Creed Brotherhood :-)

  10.  GTA who?


    I spent many a hour playing gta4 and basking in its superb attention to detail! But then i got saints row 2, crude graphics and bugged to hell! Why does saints row 2 win?
    The playability wipes the floor with gta4, the games humour is every where, the missions are so funny and rewarding. If it had gta4's graphics this would have beat gta4 easily! Enough said go out and get it now!