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  1.  Brilliant


    Brilliant bluetooth headset. 2 thing I love about this headset, one of them is the buttons, very easy to use and the second is you can use any earsets, unlike motorola s9 it's all in one which is not good. I bought this from play, fast delivery.

  2.  What can I say!!


    Amazing movie, everything is just perfect about this film. You have to watch it to believe it on 3D. Wait till 3D TV's is out then this film would be number 1 to own it.

  3.  Better than original


    Let me get this straight, people thinks this is remake of the original Halloween 2 and it is not. Rob Zombie took halloween to other direction, what he did was absuletly amazing, I really enjoyed this movie, It shows the real anger of Michael Myers and i'm huge fan of Halloween. Worth watching and buying.

  4.  This is season 7 and not 8 lol..


    Family guy is ok but it has so many repeated jokes in every season, they can't come out with new funny stuff. Look at south park, in every episode they have new jokes that will crack you up. South Park is the best.

  5.  so sweet


    I bought this phone yesterday and it's so nice, I love it. if you want cheap phone and don't care about the feaures then buy this, it's great for music and to use as a phone.

  6.  Not as good as others


    I watched this movie last night in cinema, I was bored. It'a not even near to other final destination films...the acting was poor, story line was weak. I'm big fan of final destination movies but I was very dissapointed with this..I hope they can come up with better one.

  7.  Boring and Boring


    I don't understand why people gave 4-5 stars for this movie. The story line is slow and long, no action till the end (only 5minutes). The reason I gave 2 stars was beacuse of the guy, his fit.

  8.  Samsung phones are the best


    I havent bought this phone yet but I will in few months..it's 3.7inch, 8megapixel camera, HD video recording and it also has wifi, what more do you wan't? yes iphone could be better at music player but that's what they could only do. Do you really need so much applications? I have samsung pixon and it's amazing, I will give it a few months then buy this phone.

  9.  Excellent Console..


    This console is not made to have serious games..as you can see by the games it's made to make you lough and have fun with friends and family so put that in to your heads..if your looking for serious games such as viloent and scary then get ps3 or xbox360..This console is aswome to play with your mates and family..anyone and everyone will enjoy playing :)

  10.  Right!! what happened to old style of Resident Evil?


    the only good thing about this game is the graphics..the story line is very weak..the game it's not scary like old resident evil games..it's too fast as if your placing proper action game..you have a partner all the time by which means sharing ammo..i'm huge fan of Resident Evil games, especially resident evil 2 and 4 but after playing 30mins of Resident evil 5 I took it back..the old style of RE games are better like in the dark, creepy and stuff...