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  1.  Below the radar


    I am new to Half Life, i heard big things about it during it's peak on the PC but by that time i was playing consoles and my computer was too dated for gaming.
    Anyway, i have been putting off buying this game in the state of mind that you get what you pay for and how good can the game be if you get 5 titles for that price...
    What a fool...
    I have been left with the same feeling i got after buying COD4, "why the hell didn't i get this game sooner!"
    Playstation 3 is still, in my opinion, struggling for titles. This will be changing in the next few months with some big games coming out but i got this in the hope it'll tide me over till then...
    The story line is epic, so well done it could and should be a movie. It's like Total Recall vs Star Wars meets Doom3.
    Obviously with the game originally released in 2004 it isn't as graphically stunning as COD but at the same time, the graphics are very VERY good, as good as they look in the trailer video, they don't feel dated at all.
    The game play is near perfect. The pace is what i love about it, there are parts where you need to work out how to advance thru the level, other times you need to blast away ugly creatures with a semi automatic. I imagine it's like Unreal3 only with a decent single player mode and slower pace (which i like about it).
    The maker of the game was Bulgarian and the city scapes feel eastern european, it works really well.
    A solid multiplayer mode and the price make this title unmissable. For too long it was under the radar, if your looking for a game to get you through waiting for Haze, GTA and the rest of this delayed nonsense then hook this game up, you won't regret it!

  2.  Mucho Recommendo!


    Really good camera, good quality image and already supported software on Playstations online market. The Creatures game you can download (for about £3) is so funny!!! And there are some other funky downloads, some of which are free. When titles start coming out that utilise the camera i'm sure there will be many hours spent watching myself being a div!

  3.  Big simpsons fan, still need to work on their games.


    It's okay, not pushing any boundaries or the imagination too far.
    Lol, anyway following on from the comment below about it being to "cartoony", believe it or not i totally agree... yeah seriously!... Mmm, it was nothing like real life! It's just not right i tell ya!