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  1.  outstanding...


    i got the demo last night and i can tell its going to be absolutely engrossing and enjoyable until the end, the graphics are just second to none, the voice acting is amazing, the story is very interesting, the controls are simple to master, defiantly going to be one of THE games to purchase in 2010 sorry Xbox... :P

  2.  havnt seen yet but...


    The writer simon fantauzzo was a tutor of mine at college and hes an awesome dude so, 5 stars is more than deserving xd

  3.  Take off your pants and jacket best blink


    Basically this is hands down the best album by blink this is where they hit the point of their greatness. Listen to this album all the way through you will get what i mean. i didnt get this from play hell i dont think play was even online when i bought it, i got this the morning of release all the way back in 2001 seems like an lifetime ago now, but this is my 'high school' album everyone has one the album they listened to all the time during high school and the one that defined that period of time for them. this album is significant for me also as it was the first album i ever bought, im sure as any music fan will agree the first album u buy is the most important.

    This album is amazing every song on here is a gem no doubt, Travis barkers drumming is 2nd to none its amazing tight and exciting, Tom DeLonges lyrics and vocals are beautiful Mark Hoppus' bass is awesome it really stands out also the same goes for his lyrics and vocals. There's no way i can say 'stand out tracks are' cos you should listen with an open opinion and listen to each track as it comes and make your own judgment.

    blink have never been better thank god they are back.

  4.  Bloody outstanding!


    you want a really great value pair of speakers and have a clear undistorted bass sound get these right now, great quality loud or quiet. proof that you need not break the bank for a great sound system. i wish there were more stars to be honest :D

  5.  Better than the Arctic Monkeys


    110% best thing thing Alex Turner has done don't care what anyone says arctic monkeys were overrated and lacked any kind of substance. This album however is just great it has a great retro nostalgic feel that really works for them. everyone should listen to this album full stop. great 60s sound great lyrical content. brill 5 stars.

  6. If


    Mindless Self Indulgence - CD

    Available  used  from  £6.99

     100% genius (again) =D


    in my opinion MSI really cant do wrong, they maintain an underground status despite the fact they could easily go mainstream, u gotta admire that right? they not only make amazing catchy songs but put on amazing shows i saw em last year at the electric ballroom and they kicked ass. IF from the get go is great the first track 'never wanted to dance' really gets u ready for a great time ive probs listened to that the most, i mean i really thought they couldnt top you'll rebel to anything, but they totally have with IF, they really are an amazingly underated band with genuine talent and they deserve much more recognition than they have, but then again if they became totally mainstream would they be AS good? hmmm interesting :) great album buy it!!!!! :P

  7.  great stuff but, wheres sabotage?


    k this is the only reveiw ive done but its not really a reveiw more of a question, k i got GH3 completed it etc, got all the songs bought all the bonus ones but one song which is advertised on the box and on play.com is missing sabotage by the beastie boys, mayb i havnt done summin but its quite annoying that its not there my mate has the same problem, has neone else not got it? please, can someone clear this up for me?