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  1.  A fitting 50th Anniversary set


    My box set arrived today and I could not be happier. The Blu Rays are presented in a stylish, mock-book packaging - not cheap and flimsy AT ALL as some other reviewers have suggested (who haven't even bought the damn thing). These two "books", which have some great pictures from the franchise on their "pages", come in two sets - one with the movies from 1962 (Dr No) to 1981 (For Your Eyes Only) and the other is 1983 (Octopussy) to the present (Quantum of Solace). HOWEVER - there is also a space in there reserved for the Skyfall disc when that is eventually released, so you'll be able to add that to the collection.

    This is a collectors' set and for me looks and feels great. Anyone complaining that it's "cheap" and will ruin over time, well, you should take better care of your things.

    Obviously it has only come today so I can't give specifics of the transfer/audio etc BUT I did own the previous Blu Ray releases and, before that, the cleaned up, remastered DVDs and the image quality and audio quality on both sets were superb. Very clean, very crisp and I anticipate these will be superb. There is also a bonus disc with NEW material for the 50th anniversary, including interviews with all the Bond actors from Connery to Craig, video blogs from the set of the latest movie and a look back at the design and styling of all the movies.

    If you are a Bond fan and want to experience these films at their best, then this set is a must (or, alternatively, waiting for the release of the individual films - but why, when you can own an attractively packaged set like this?). Overall, very, very pleased with this and that's pretty much my weekend this week sorted!

  2.  I'm all outta gum.


    The King is back! I LOVE Duke Nukem Forever. It' is something that a lot of games aren't these days - FUN. The whole thing is very tongue in cheek. It keeps to the Duke legacy perfectly, it is exactly what a Duke game should be all these years after the last one. I've seen a few people complaining it's hard. What? Are you SERIOUS?! Maybe you should put it down and go play some Farmville or something because you're clearly not up to it. It's a straight forward shooter, fun to play, lots of little touches to keep you amused, fantastically juvenile humour (thank GOD!), politically incorrect (thank ALLAH!), it's just great. Buy it. Just buy it!

  3.  Fall in to Fallout


    Fallout 3 is AMAZING. I've ploughed over 300 hours into the game on the Xbox 360, got the GOTY edition on the PS3 and played another 200 hours plus, but the Playstation version suffers from some MAJOR bugs so I've now got the PC version. Games like this should be played on PC. I can't believe the reviewer who said this game is short, it's enormous. There is so much to do, so much to explore and the game is affected differently depending on the routes you take, the decisions you make and the perks you adopt. Atmospheric, compelling, Fallout 3 is possibly my most favourite game of all time. It's certainly the game I have spent the most time playing and now I'm doing it all over again on PC. It isn't an "Oblivion mod", that's moronic. It takes some good concepts from Oblivion and makes them much, much better. True, the combat out of VATS isn't brilliant, but Fallout 3 isn't an FPS, foremost it's an RPG but an action orientated one. If you haven't played this yet you NEED to buy it. It's one of those landmark games that will be looked back on in many years to come as so important. It's awesome, fantastic, brilliant, genius. Five stars.

  4.  Not nearly as bad as I expected!


    It took me a while to get round to watching this, mainly because mates have seen it and said it's awful - but it isn't. Yes, it plays with its own history a bit (like where Arnie first gets his clothes and puts his shades on, watch out for that - laugh out loud funny but loses some of the cool associated with the character), and compared to the utter genius of the first two (particularly T2) it's nowhere near as good, but as an action movie it's head and shoulders above most other similar films.

    The stunts are fantastic, the explosions and crashes and chases are just immense, and it's worth it just to see Arnie reprise his most famous role. Yes, he's older, but man is he still a moviestar! Proper iconic stuff, despite the relatively duff story.

    Essentially T3 is a chase movie with some great set pieces. It doesn't really advance the mythology ot the Terminator universe but it is supremely watchable and I can't wait for my copy to come so i can watch all three back to back before savouring Salvation.

  5.  Awesome


    Arrived today and was in my PS3 within minutes. Old one is easy to remove and the new one just slots right in where the old one was (obviously!). A bit loud at first (not Xbox360 loud, but loud compared to the usually silent whisper of the PS3) but it settled down and I now have 250GB to store tonnes more stuff.

  6.  You MUST read this book


    Ben Goldacre writes the Bad Science column in The Guardian but this isn't merely a compilation of his past articles - this is a proper book with proper chapters and every one of them will enlighten you to something you didn't know. I will never read a newspaper report on a 'science' subject again without asking myself what it is I'm actually being told. Ben Goldacre is very smart, very funny, very talented and very handsome. Git. But this books is brilliant and not only should you read it but you should also get someone you know who's into detox and homeopathy and nutritionism to read it too, it might show them the error of their ways. Get over to his website too because there's more of the same there and it's all brilliant.

  7.  Excellent movie, genuinely chilling.


    I came across The Mist completely by accident and I am so glad I did. This is one of the best horror movies in years. The storyline is fantastic, the characters are vividly drawn (as you would expect from a King penned tale), and the direction is superb - Darabont excels yet again. The story is many layered, the interactions between characters handled with intelligence, and that's not something you can say about too many horror movies. People's actions, and reactions, feel natural, making the whole thing all the more believable. I was worried that that CGI might be a let down, especially when I first saw what is concealed in the mist of the title, but I needn't have been. I've read elsewhere since seeing the movie that the ending is one of the worst in movie history - not so. In fact, I would go so far as to say that it's one of the best. Shocking, yes, but very believable and totally in keeping with the movie's other themes. If you haven't seen this yet, don't hesitate in buying it. I can't wait to watch it again.

  8.  Fantastic Frankie!


    I was prompted to write a review after reading a few from people who are complaining that he just recycles stuff from mock the Week - there are a few jokes in here from that show but only a few. The rest is (for me at least) unheard material from a master at put downs and acidic one liners. The man is a genius. He sails so close to the wind it's a wonder he hasn't capsized. The mileage he gets from the crowd is fantastic too - I can't believe anyone sat at the front! If you like your humour sardonic, incisive and near the knuckle then you will love Frankie Boyle's first live DVD outing. Don't be put off by thinking you might have heard it all already - I am an avid Mock the Week fan and I laughed through this from beginning to end. Superb stuff.

  9.  Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Awesome Movie!


    This movie is brilliant and is a perfect fourth instalment of a well loved franchise. Ignore the naysayers - the cgi is good, the script is good (and not written by george lucas despite what some people seem to think!) and it's just full of adventure and ott action. Also, there are no aliens in this movie, that's right, none. Watch it again and see what they are because they're not aliens and the story draws on real legend and myth so the complaints that it's too far fetched are completely unfounded. If i had one complaint it would be that a few scenes are very remeniscent of sections of the ps3 video game uncharted: Drake's fortune, which isn't necessarily a bad thing because the game rocks but surely they could have come up with their own original stuff? Other than that this is just an awesome action adventure film and should sit proudly alongside the other three. Fantastic!

  10.  The Heat is . . . er, off


    Kane and Lynch is one of those games that you so look forward to only to be utterly disappointed once you actually get to play it. Such potential wasted. The co-op campaign is a joke - don't buy this if you want to play on a LAN because you can't - it's a split screen affair and one player MUST play with the official Xbox controller for PC. Who puts a split screen co-op on a PC game?!

    The game is also buggy as Hell. If you end up being one of the unlucky people whose frame rate drops every other second, making the game virtually unplayable, you'll have to go into your device manager and disable all your HIDs. This fix worked for me but it doesn't work for everyone so be warned, you may end up not being able to play the game at all. And there's not even a patch for it.

    Even after that, my sound is always screwing up. It goes loud, it goes quiet, it goes choppy, it goes staticcy, it goes completely then returns without warning. Awful. Haven't found a fix for this yet.

    I haven't played the game all the way through but a look at the forums suggests that you'll be lucky if the game doesn't crash on you. A lot. It hasn't happened to me yet but that doesn't mean it won't.

    The game itself is actually pretty good though. It's no Gears of War but it's good enough to be worth playing if you can get past all the bugs. The script is good, the voice acting is decent and the story is straigh out of Hollywood. It often really does feel like you're playing in a movie, which is what the makers were after. Enemy AI sucks - the cops just stand there firing blindly at you while you shoot them in the head, they don't appear to make any real attempt to take decent cover or get away from you. It makes for a pretty easy ride, which is a bad thing (who buys a game for the LACK of challenge it presents?) but it does make for some good sequences where you, as Kane (or Lynch if you bother with co-op) take cover behind a wall or whatever then peek out to off three or four guys with headshots in quick succession (something virtually impossible in the console versions by the way because the joypad as a precision aiming device is, well, rubbish).

    Having said that, sometimes you can shoot a guy several times in the head and he just keeps coming. The effect of your bullets sometimes feels pretty arbitrary and can take away from the feeling of achievement when it does come off.

    I don't find the cover systemt particularly bad, though i do know lots of people do. If you handle it right, it works a treat. I have read though that some people find it hard to use, specifically getting stuck behind scenerly when they don't want to take cover - because cover is context sensitive, it's automatic, if you're near cover you take cover, there's no button to press.

    One control issue I had was with the inventory - I had to change the key because the default if mouse button 3 and I don't have a mouse button 3! I shifted it to 'I' though and it's fine.

    A pretty average game overall and well worth playing through but I can't give it more than two stars because the execution of the PC verion is lazy and shoddy and full of bugs and programming deficiencies. For £7.99 though, you could do a lot worse!