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  1.  Fun, But Repetitive And Short


    The first thing to note about AVP is how perfectly it captures the film worlds and utlises them in the best way possible. Dusty factories and tropical jungles blend with the signature shrieks of glistening Aliens as you tear them apart with your pulse rifle. Some gloriously gory trophy kills and shiny graphics are this games high point, and will definately keep you amused for long enough. However the games major flaw is that it is simply too short, with only 5-6 brief missions for each species (which would be OK, if the gameplay was more varied, but it isn't). Each mission also contains the same thing- your character trying to infiltrate or destroy something while having to kill the other species in order to do it. The Alien campaign is especially repetitive in this respect, because you start off already fully grown with no chance to obtain new weaponry. Kills always involve you having to sneak behind someone before pressing a single button, the only reward afterwards being a fancy finishing move (which quickly get old).
    Overall this is fun to play, its violent, has great atmosphere and good music. The storyline however, and the fact that no matter which species you play you still end up going to the same places and doing the same things, and the games short span make it, in my opinion, not worth getting too excited about. Good side......each species' story ending ends in cliffhanger. So maybe Rebellion will improve for the next one???

  2.  2 excusable films, 2 truly awful ones, and only 1 worth it


    No-one can really argue that The Exorcist was, and still is, a classic. So when it appears in a boxset with all the sequels, it seems only natural to grab the offer. At least it would be, if the other films were worth it. The Exorcist II has to be the worst sequel ever made, with a shocking score and some ridiculous acting. In fact, it is ridiculous in every way. Then there's The Exorcist III, William Peter Blatty's own attempt to redeem a sequel...but the boring storyline, the fact you don't see any murders, and the tedious anti-climax make the film tough to get through and something not really worth bothering with. The Beginning is probably the second best here next to the origional, simply because it is the most recent and therefore contains alot more interesting content to actually satisfy horror fans, in blood terms as well as freaky moments. Dominion contains some great acting and a nice score, but nothing really happens and there is some truly terrible CGI that lets the rest down. Overall, buy The Exorcist: The Version You've Never Seen seperately and take The Beginning with a pinch of salt....and just pretend that almost everything else just does not exist.

  3.  The Music Is Still Great...We've Just Heard It All Before...


    Kse are the kind of band who maintain the same style of music with each album, which works for some but not for others. Unfortunately, kse's lyrics alone seldom vary in theme and their music hasn't either, something that they need to work on. Its still great, and fans of kse wont be disappointed from the mix of tracks available as they still contain that signature kse sound of brutal melodies and aggression.
    However the downside (and it is a major one) of this album is that not only do all the tracks take exactly the same format on this new album, signalling almost no variation throughout, but they sound exactly the same to those on as daylight dies and the end of heartache. This means that the album sounds more a continuation of as daylight dies rather than a brand new album, so dont expect anything spectacular from the kse boys that we havent heard before. Plus, the harmonious voice of guitarist adam serves only as backup vocals for howard on the album, not appearing on its own every so offen like on as daylight dies to pay homage to kse's melodic side, so be prepared strictly for howard jones's domination.

    Hardcore fans will possibly be happy with whats been offered here, but otherwise stick with as daylight dies.
    There is nothing new this time.
    Best track: Reckoning

  4.  One Of The Scariest Films Made This Year


    I bought this film without really knowing what to expect...when was the last time I watched a Spanish horror film? Never, actually.

    Funnily enough, there are only three things wrong with this movie. First, it is all in Spanish...so it takes some of the experience of movie watching out having to read everything that is being said. Second, there are no opening credits or title shot, meaning that the movie just sort of begins without warning, but in the end this really isnt important.
    Finally...there is no music in the film...but this makes sense as the film is shot from the perspectives of one of the characters.

    It is this that makes the film so good however. Unlike the Blair Witch Project, which left me knowing how to swear alot but able to do little else, it delivers a terrifying experience. The enemy is similar to that of your typical horror...people, refusing to die, after being exposed to a wierd virus.

    However it is the realistic approach to the events that create an unbelievable sense of tension and fear, and makes this one of the most origional films there is. The policemen don't get scared and wack out a shotgun, shooting everyone; the zombies don't shuffle around or try to look evil and fail. In fact, the creatures, that are not quite zombies anyway, are so varied that you are never looking at the same thing twice.

    The script is written in a realistic and convincing way and the actors bring each of their characters to life.No one plays the hero, no one tries to be cool. They scream when something scary happens, but quiet down when they are told to. They panic when the audience would, but don't make stupid decisions like running off on their own.

    The best thing about this film however is the fact that we can only see certain things. The audience is shoved right into the story, as we witness everything through the eyes of a cameraman...who catches only segments of the events unfolding in the apartment block, and as a result we rarely actually see exactly what is goingf on. Instead of seeing someone get killed we are rewarded with looking at their ravaged bodies afterwards and panicking while trying to figure out what the hell is going to happen next.

    As far as horror movies go, this is one of the scariest made. It's easy to pile buckets of blood and gore onto the screen and to try and scare people with the usual "lets run off into this dark tunnel alone" thing we've seen hundreds of times before, but none of it is really scary. Rec however combines a terrifying situation, delievered in a realistic way, with a fair share of bloody events to create a movie whose ending few minutes are the scariest of the film...leaving an experience hard to forget.

    On and by the way...if you really don't like the idea of having to read subtitles for an hour and a half...wait for the American remake of the film coming later in the year..."Quarantine". Knowing that though......it won't be as good.