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  1.  5 star item from a 5 star seller.


    This case fits the Kindle fire HD perfectly, and with a free screen protector and stylus you just cannot go wrong for this price.
    The seller Jazztec dispatched the same day and i got it the next.
    I also purchased a black cover and the service was just as good.
    Dont pay over the odds for one when this is perfect.

  2.  Everyone else must have dodgy copies!


    I finally got around to purchasing this film after a viewing on tv made me remember how good it was.
    The reviews posted on Play and other sites seem to state how bad the quality of the picture is. All i can say is that the first batches that they got back in 2008/09 must have been faulty as the film looks superb to me.
    This film is set in the bright, colorful world of casinos so the lighting in places is very in your face with the fluorescent lights blazing away.
    I cant complain about grain in the film-see Miami vice for a transfer that has grain in it-the sound is also very good but could be louder in parts.
    As good as the first film but way better than the second.
    For all people who like to state what equipment this was viewed on, i use a 50" full hd plasma tv and matching 7.1 sound system.

  3.  Like watching paint dry.....thats already dry!!


    I have not read any of the books but the hype that surrounded this film made it feel like a new Harry Potter replacement had arrived.
    It is long, boring and bloodless, never have i wanted the leads to die in a film before but now that feeling is stronger than ever.
    140 minutes of my life that i will never get back.

  4.  It looks and sounds great....for its age.


    I finally got around to buying this and watching it again today.
    After owning the VHS and then DVD editions, you can definitely see how good the picture quality has become over the years.
    The opening scenes are very clear even though they are night shots.
    Yes there is some grain in some areas of the film but this can be forgiven due to the age of the film itself.
    It is the sound that really stands out, if you have rear speakers then they will be given a good workout with this one.
    I like this film no matter how corny it seems now, give it another watch, i dare you.

  5.  The perfect pocket size sound system.


    Now that summer is here my wife wanted a little music outside.
    I read the reviews and thought that for the price this type of speaker would be fine.
    It is very small and smart to look at but importantly has a very clear sound to it.
    It has 2 volume levels and we have found that if it is on the highest, then by putting our mp3 player on around 20 it is loud enough to fill the garden with her Rihanna or Lady gaga songs.
    A 4 hour charge lasts 8-10 hours of non stop playing so it is perfect.
    Swiftly delivered via play and well packed.

  6.  I really wanted to like it, but.........


    Remakes fill me with dread, you can count the good ones on just one hand. I could tell that from the 15 certificate that the blood shedding would be low and i was right.
    It is basically the same as the fabulous John Carpenter film, right down to the same kind of death scenes and key plot points.
    I have given it only 2 stars as i did like the way they answered some of the questions that were raised in the previous film i.e where did the 2 faced burnt alien come from, how did the radio operator die and how would they tie in the people in the helicopter chasing the dog.
    Apart from that, just another effects filled, bloodless remake.
    The other star was for the superb soundtrack.

  7.  Worth buying for the commentary alone.


    I saw this at the cinema when it first came out and thought it was fresh and funny.
    The transfer is very good, bright and sunny as Miami should be and the DTS HD track is very loud but it is the commentary that will make you laugh.
    Michael Bay has become the director who will destroy anything for his films and love him or hate him, his films are entertaining.
    This was his debut film and he spends his time holding his head saying how he cannot believe he shot a scene like that and would do so many things different today.
    Although part 2 was long and waaaaaaaaaay overlong, i will certainly be adding it to my collection when it is available.

  8.  The same stuff as before but still scary.


    I love these films.
    Yes, they all have the same premise and outline but after the slow start it really keeps you watching. Loads of jump out of your seat moments and very tense scenes.
    I too was also let down by the lack of the scenes from the trailer not being present in the film as they had got me excited about the idea of this being a prequel to the others and the ending was not really what i was hopeing for but i hope that the next one can some how offer a plot that does not involve a person who just happens to have a garage full of camera equipment ready to use.

  9.  Superb replacement for sky and better than freeview.


    I had become fed up of the rising Sky prices and the limited Freeview programmes but mostly the ability to record and pause tv etc.
    As i had the dish on the wall, i plumped for this box after reading the goods reviews that Humax has got.
    It is simple to set up, the initial updates took the amount of time to make a cup of tea and the channel tuning was even quicker.
    Set the tv display type-16.9 or 4.3- and the resolution-1080i for full hd tv's-and you are off.
    The HD channels look superb and the rest are upscaled to a very nice finish. Plenty of room on the large hard drive to record and save your favorite shows.
    Yes, it does take about 15-20 seconds to power up and the blue/red light on the front does look a bit out of place but it is a superb piece of kit.
    Just remember to use the HD channels to record from instead of the basic channels and you will not be let down.

  10.  The new film to show off your system with.


    Since the dawn of blu ray, Casino Royale was the film to show your mates how good blu ray looks and sounds.
    This is the new contender.
    Picture and sound quality are perfection.
    Well done Mr Branagh, i never new you had it in you.