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  1.  Back from flushing drugs out!


    Eminem has hit back hard to go top again with this awesome album and has worked with some good artists to create this anger filled, bring you back to earth album! no more messing about eminem is spitting better than ever!

  2.  There Best Album.


    This is an amazing cd with a journey through time with incubus and the adventurous music and awesome vocals. a must have for any rock fan or someone that appreciates good music and vocals.

  3.  A simple answer!


    This is an amazing album with both heavy rock and more calming tunes such as are you in? and Warning. this is probably there second best album with Make your Self being number one. also worth note to get the Morning View Sessions DVD to see his amazing voice live.

  4. Evil Empire

    Evil Empire

    Rage Against The Machine - CD

    24 New from  £4.26  Free delivery

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     awesome cd!


    well this is a great CD which i would usally give 5 stars but it just doesnt seem to be as MUCH anger and hate flowing through Zachs words, but dispite that there are still some awesome songs (bulls on parade, revolver) i would say this is a more subdued record, but worth it for the RATM fan or someone who is just starting with Rage!

  5.  great stuff


    incubus are really a very influential band and have such progression in their music! i probs wouldnt sya this is there best album with new releases such as morning view and light grenades. but its truely an amazing sound they are getting across and what a voice. pretty cheap for full album

  6.  Powerful stuff


    This album truely is amazing music but also a way of releasing anger out! of you look closely at the lyrics Zach is always trying to get a point across and this adds to the depth of the music! this album starts off strong wtih second track being famous KITN and ending with same raised level of enthusiasm with Freedom

  7.  amazing CD


    This album is a great addition to there first and it still rocks and keeps the anger and energy flowing through the album and releases it into your ear drums! fantastic rap metal! buy it!

  8.  Great Album!


    Pendulums 3rd Studio album has come out swinging and is an absolute must have for any fan! almost all the tracks are great unlike some albums these days you only like 2-3 of the songs! well i challenge anyone to not like this album!! not as many catchy songs like there old albums such as propane nightmares, fasten your seatbelt and painkiller but some really great songs to listen to. but also the songs are great but this album is defo one that they plan on doing it better live as some of the songs you can tell would be EPIC live! buy it you wont be disappointed. Rate if it helped so other people can experience PENDULUM!

  9.  Great single player.. pretty cool multipplayer.


    well i played the beta of the multiplayer before this game came out and i was little disappointed in how hard it was to shoot/kill people with asult rifles it was amazing bad accuracy but i suppose it was only the beta but there still seems to be much inprovment on the final product, and the sniper dip on the bullet is a nice little extra but makes the game to hard to hit enemys. also snipers should be 1 shot 1 kill. but seems they have taken after MW2 and sometimes it takes 2.
    single player is amazing veried so no chance of getting bored, wide choice of weapons to use and amazing graphics spent a lot of time on this aspect of the game. so its still worth getting.

  10.  Excellent title.


    Right lets get on with the positives...
    game is top notch excellent for pc gamers who use stearing wheels... the old collin rally games were alful conrtols cars didnt seem to skid they were on the same spot and it was the scenery that passed you.
    so great gameplay last for hours many races at diffrent venues and different styles of racing... some of the battles for the first corner can be annoying.
    sound is pretty good just wish they were a bit more boy racer ish deeper sounds and they had lager exhaust would be nice.
    effects of gravel and tramac are 10/10 cant really go wrong there.
    dispite some peoples reviews it is not hard to install i think they just dont understand how to use a computer.... you even get an insane song that plays while you install which i s a great idea to kill boredom while installing.. props to Code Masters. another thing was that people found it hard to skip the videos... with any code master game you have to hit enter to skip the videos... (p.s if you have a game and you cant skip the videos with the stranded buttons.. BUTTON BASH!!!)
    right multiplayer not much to say here there is the old version... which is you and otehr people complete on a rally stage seperate then your times are put together at the end. the other version is any races with other people full on mayhem.
    now iam fed up of people complaining about Games For Windows Live.. look its a common thing now so just install it before hand.... you can use your msn details so its soo easy!!!
    now thats the game sorted in the good light....
    now i have only given it 4 stars as i have 2 problems with this game.
    First is i have played GRID another CM production and the problem started there... the graphics in the rear view mirror and the side mirrors are awful..... you can barely tell what car is behind and its just soo stupid and they havnt even do anything about this for dirt 2 i mean come on thats just lazy!
    second problem was the lazy DLC they released... its just a cheat code which costs your 5 pound... it just unlocks all the levels and cars.. hmm cheap some how..
    few more cars would be nice as well and even some KEN block driving levels such as abandoned air fields...
    so yes buy this game if you enjoy a nice drive!
    rate this if it helped.