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  1.  Very Suprised


    I cannot believe the ratings that some people are giving for this film. I bought it with low expectations and was pleasantly suprised. It is a very decent action movie with a simple but effective storyline. I also hail the use of natives from Thailand, because this adds depth and realism to the film. As usual, Nicolas Cage gives a very good performance. So watch this film with an open mind, and I think you will be pleasantly suprised.

  2.  Amazing


    I have only just recently come across these fx lightsabers by master replicas. I love the whole ideal and notion of star wars, but wouldnt call myself a hardcore fan. However, this lightsaber is beginning to convert me more and more to the star wars empire. The detail on the hilt is absoultely phenomenol, and its very heavy, so not really a toy, although im sure no one can resist having a proper duel with one of these beauties. The blade itself is very good also, and the sound effects are awesome. I also own a darth vader blade, but this one has much better sound effects in my opinion. The only problem I can think of is the packaging or lack of it comes. All you get is the lightsaber box itself and a bit of plastic wrapped around it. I know play.com offers free delivery, but nevertheless it is much easier for the sabers to be damaged this way. Luckily enough, my ligthsaber was fine. So, in conclusion, I would highly recommend one of these, simply because they are a great collector's item. Be quick, because the darth vader one is now out of stock on this website.
    p.s. if reviews like this dont covince you, go on to youtube and see for yourself these amazing lightsabers in action.

  3.  good 4 student


    I was wondering if anyone could help me??? Would this be a suitable laptop for someone about to start university?

  4.  WOW


    This is by far the most awesome HD transfer i have seen so far. The picture quality is amazing and it is a fantastic film, so you get a combination of both, which makes it a perfect package. The Dark Knight prologue is truly incredible and it has been done intentionally because you are desperate to watch more, which is not long now. This film proves that relatively unknown, intelligent British directors can handle a big budget movie as successfully as his American counterpart if not more so. If only British cinema was given the budget of Hollywood films.

  5.  Intriguing


    I have been a fan of Viggo Mortensen ever since his role as Aragorn in Lord of the Rings, which is the character most people recognise him by, and I thought that he would never become a stronger actor, but after his performance in A History of Violence and now Eastern Promises, which he has been nominated an oscar for, we are finally seeing a new and stronger side of Viggo Mortensen. His performance in this film is undoubtedly the best of his career so far, because he brings such charisma, depth, emotion and also ambiguity to the Russian character. At the beginning of the film he is unrecognisable and by the end of it, we think of Viggo Mortensen no longer as Aragorn, but as Nikolai, a member of the Russian mafia based in London.

  6.  Confused


    The cultural phenomenon that is the Simpsons has been let down by the new movie. In a way, you cant call it a movie, just a longer episode, and another way for 20th century fox, the production crew and the voice actors to earn more money, which is something they don't need. If people thought footballers were paid ridiculous sums of money, the voice actors of the Simpsons get paid enough to feed hundreds of villages in Africa each year and only work up to six hours a week. I can hold my hand up and admit that i helped fund their ever growing bank accounts by buying the dvd, because i hadn't seen the film in the cinema. It only comes in 1 disc, and soon there will be a special edition out, which is another means by which the film company take your money in ever way they can.

  7.  Awesome


    This has to be one of the best if not the best film of 2007. It has been an influence on many other films in this genre, including Casino Royale. The Waterloo station scene has to be one of the most riveting, intense and thrilling moment in film history. I take my hat off to Paul Greengrass and the entire production crew.

  8.  Intriguing


    I bought this film with fairly low expectations, but now i think it is extremely underrated. This is one of those rare occasions where Brad Pitt actually gives a very good performance. I love how the lives of all the characters are intertwined into the main plot. The most interesting thing about the film is how characters from completely different backgrounds and cultures are brought together. That is why Lost, the tv series is so popular, because you get such a variety of different and interesting characters.

  9.  good


    I had huge expectations for this movie and it did deliver considerably well, but honestly thought it would be better. The beginning of the movie is awesome and Simon Pegg and Nick Frost do make one hell of a team.