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  1.  A unique and inspiring childrens coluring book


    This is a truly magical book creating nostalgia for christmas's past. Illustrations are exceptional and opportunities for creating your own pictures is just delightful. Forget the usual colouring books this book is presented so beautifully that it knocks spots off the rest! My whole family love it!

  2.  A worty western with a strange ending


    I have been waiting for this to be released so much so that i ordered it from America as im a huge western fan and they seem to be somewhat scarce nowadays in making westerns.
    It does immediately start with the action, the basic story being one man hunting down another man across the wilderness( the scenery is fantastic) but no one knows why until its slowly explained in flashbacks.
    I dont agree with the previous reviewer who said it was boring as it did not get boring once as was a chase film the whole way through and kept me entertained throughout. The acting was as you would expect from the two superb actors Pierce Brosnan and Lian Neeson though their was not a great deal of dialogue in the whole film . At times quite violent and some of the fatalities are quite graphic but totally gripping.
    However i did think towards the end it started to lose where it wanted to go and resulted in a weak ending compared to the rest of the rollercoaster ride that you were taken on. Nonetheless still a nice film to add to the western genre which is perhaps not a classic but is certainly a gripping entertaining chase film!

  3.  Science fiction meets the west


    Firstly i would like to point out i am not an avid Science Fiction fan im not much into Star Trek or Stargate. The reason i purchased this was reading a review it which it was explained it was a science fiction series with a certain western feel . The clothes they wear, the weapons etc... are as if they were cowboys, but these cowboys have a spaceship(Serenity). I liked the idea and at this price for a whole series i figured would not be a total loss if did not like!
    Im really glad i did as it just got better and better.Once you get past the introduction of all characters in the pilot and get used to them all it becomes a real enjoyment to watch. I think in the case of many series you have to like the characters and they have to gel with each other and in thisa case they did! I could quite happily look at Kaylee without her saying a word(very cute) and Jayne(a guy) had some very funny lines a really good character. Suitable for all ages this refreshingly different and have to say am gutted there is going to be no more series. However i have ordered Serenity the movie so am looking forward to watching that.

  4.  Fast Eddie pool flick Fantastic


    What a fantastic film this is! From start to finish my attention was fully on this movie! The performances were just superb Paul Newman shows why he will remain one of the biggest film legends. There was not a bad bit of acting and being in black and white just added to the films atmosphere!The actual pool matches are fantastic(especially with Minnesota Fats,played by the great Jackie Gleason). This film at times is sad and little bleak but still very gripping and builds up to a brilliant ending! i cannot fault this movie an outright Classic which just uses brilliant acting and dialogue to keep you gripped!Also on the bonus special features has a great little few lessons on how to do the trick shots/or difficult shots in pool that were in the movie! which i thought was something little different .

  5.  cool crime movie


    Only just recently saw this after planning to for ages and am i glad i did.George Clooney is in my opinion staring to become a great actor and the vehicles/scripts he chooses are often great (Oceans eleven,Syriana,O Brother Where art thou to name a few).
    This film is a real enjoyment to watch as George Clooney is a bank robber and Jennifer Lopez FBI agent who fall in love. Without a doubt Jennifer Lopez's best movie(possibly only good one) with a great supporting cast,excellent dialogue(especially when the two main characters are locked inside a car boot together). Really recommended especially if enjoyed the Ocean's Eleven films(same director).

  6.  80's Eddie Murphy film


    A classic 80's Eddie Murphy action film about good vs evil. This is one of the better more well made action movies of that time and Eddie Murphy is in top form continuing his almost Axel Foley character from Beverly Hills cop with cheeky charm. The effects are a little bit dated but all adds to the nostalgia and is still refreshing to see older films which dont completely rely on special effects .

  7.  Beautifully shot wilderness film


    Being a huge Robert Redford fan i was undoubtedly going to purchase this. Jeremiah Johnson being a man who decides to become a recluse and no longer socialise with man by living in the wilderness.It was a nice idea and was very lightly paced and well shot and Robert Redford puts in a great performance. Not quite in the league of his other films such as Butch Cassidy and The Sting but still a pleasure!

  8.  A class act


    Definitely a film that would be in my top 20 favourite films of all time (maybe even top 10). The film is about two talented con artists (Newman and Redford) teaming together to seek revenge on a mafia boss for killing a mutual friend. They do this by non violent means and attempt to con him out of all his money instead. Newman and Redford are both fantastic and is a welcome return to the two working together as they did in Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.
    A great villian (Robert Shaw) as well, a great script with a really good feel to it and shot beautifully for that 1930's like feel, this is highly recommended

  9.  Continuing the excellent die hard films! Yipee Kay ay


    I dont think this will disappoint many fans of the Die Hard films. In many ways i thought was a lot like Die Hard With a Vengence in terms of running around New York City and had that same fast pace (Only this time Justin Long was his sidekick not Samuel L Jackson). My only only slight disappoint was the bad guy (played by the excellent Timothy Olyphant of Deadwood). He was more of a pissed off computer genius who was bit wimpy with connections as oppose to a gun crazy lunatic. However his henchmen/women provided more than enough gun crazy badiness to fill that gap.All in all a nice film to continue the franchise and Bruce Willis still looks pretty good and can still pull off a action hero! Yipee Kay ay

  10.  Spielberg fun animated movie


    I will admit am getting a little tired of all the animated films being released lately in the same field as Toy Story (Shrek,Finding Nemo,The Incredibles,Over the Hedge,Hoodwinked,Happy Feet) with the same kind of characters ( a hero ,a dopey animal side kick) . This one stood out for because of who was invoved in it(mainly Spielberg,Zemeckis) so i figured this coule possibly be a bit more magical and slightly more grown up than other animated films. It was better than most! Though i will admit the thought of a house that was alive did not really get me excited! I guess to compare the film to others would be a cross between "The Goonies and "The Burbs" , the characters are likeable and i cant help but see a likeness to the main boy character and Spielberg's other film characters such as Elliott in "E.T". Great voices are supplied by actors such as Steve Buscemi and Kathleen Turner (briefly) and is altogether a really well done animated feature