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  1.  Awesome, however...


    I can say from an unbiased point of view, i have a 360 and ps3, and i love them both. However if you don't have a HDTV to hook the ps3 to, its a huge disadvantage, since graphics appear somewhat washed out on normal TVs and it can look really stupid with some games. Since games are on the Blu ray discs your going to lack graphical quality big time with standard televisions. Unless you have a HD by all means get the system, its a sweet package as well and great value at this price.

  2.  Awesome music phone


    The phone itself is really good, the music features are awesome, but the earphones it comes with suck! They sound like really cheap earphones, lacking in sound quality in almost every way. However the phone is awesome, you may need to get new earphones though, since the ones it comes with may not fit your ears.

  3. Carry On

    Carry On

    Chris Cornell - CD

    10 New from  £5.97  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £6.99



    If you loved soundgarden and audioslave, and ofcourse euphoria morning album. Your going to love this, chris cornell still delivers vocally and this is an album your going to be listening to for a long while. Definitely worth checking out if you havnt, its a sweet album and by far better than his last solo effort.

  4.  Awesome


    By far the best Batman movie, the film really delivers in almost every way. The story line and the actors are superb and after watching the film, it makes the previous Batman movies look like a joke. You can really appreciate the realistic approach to this film, everything makes a lot of sense and overall an epic film.

  5.  Nice


    If your looking for a solid driving model, this pretty much delivers with gameplay and visuals. However the online multiplayer is a real letdown since you cant actually race anyone, instead you kinda drive on your own and compete for the best time on the track against other players who do the same without actually racing with them on the track. Since thats the only downside everything else is pretty sweet, its something you'll be playing for a while and overall kinda fun so its worth checking out.

  6.  Awesome


    By far the best Rainbow Six, anyone who enjoys a sweet FPS will definitely find something here. If you haven't played the previous rainbow six installments, no worries, this is a game you can jump right into, the game play is really fun and the graphics in this game are pretty damn good, especially the vegas city skyline. It is really a solid FPS online and offline, and at this price its definitely a must buy because you wont regret it.