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  1.  Under the Radar top quality Blu Ray player? Top DVD upscaler


    If you check out alot of US reviews this player was extremely highly scored. It seems to have slipped under the radar somewhat in the UK.
    I cant compare the blu ray playback with other blu ray decks. Safe to say it blows my hd dvd xbox drive out of the water. Where this deck excells is its DVD upscaling. I wanted a good upscaler as i refuse to buy my extensive DVD collection again. Star Wars looks like it was filmed yeaterday (dodgy haircuts aside). Even my girlfriend was trying to see the camera crew in c3P0's reflective skin. The deck features a HQV upscalling chip that is (apparently) top of the range . Blu- the deck decodes all the formats (DTS HD through firmmware update) . Plus it has analog in if your amp doesnot decode DTS or DOLBY HD. However i found the sound was better using the regular sound formats and letting the amp decode as a regular DVD player would using digital in.. Maybe i need to spend more money on analog cables. DTS HD wasnt nearly as good through analog as DTS through optical. Played every disc ive thrown at it. no probs so far (6 months). picked it up for £150. bargain. Do it!!!

  2.  Missed opportunity


    Loving the start, Cold war era, nuclear tests, Russians etc. Mid section tomb raiding was a bit dull to say the least and the finale was actually OK by me. There is a crystal skull at the British Museum which was 'found' in a Mayan temple in Central America, but was later proved to have been carved in Europe in the 1800's. I like the concept of the crystal skull , the Maya connection,Area 51,Cold War. Unfortunately it was badly executed by two people who are already resting on their laurels. The script was a missed opportunity. Apparently Frank Darabont (Shawshank/Green Mile) did a script that Spileberg loved Lucas hated. Cue Lucas script and his ridiculous swinging monkeys and CG Gofers. Too many characters too. At one point there was what seemed like a football team searching the tombs. Will watch it again and hope i get more out of it now my high expectations have been dashed.