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  1.  back to its best


    Brilliant film, possibly my new favourite, best of the 'presents' series. and feels alot more like a film, 100% worth the cash

  2.  The Beatles..


    Came today. By far the best game of its kind to date, vibrant colours, great gameplay and graphics. Harmonies are fun to do, with 6 players jamming at once allowing all of your pals to get involved. Much better menu etc with new challenge mode. Unlocks such as pictures keep you playing whilst short phrases from band members before and after songs are cool. Basically a 5* game and a must for any gamer or fan alike. i only gave this 4* as i feel it is a bit cheeky for the developers to announce 3albums worth of dlc, why not put them in the game? And also how the 360 get 'all you need is love' on a timed exclusive. However, its a colosul game. Beep beep'm beep beep yeahhh

  3.  Brilliant... if your online with your m8s


    I got this game on release date i was about to throw it into the bin after 5 minutes! The problems were; the recoil on the guns is terrible, no melee attack( no matter what people say you need a melee attack) and the fact that grenades dont bounce and your guy jumps out from cover when he throws them. So, naturally, i went online, and OMG it was even worse! The maps are very bad apart from villa and three kings casino they are all the same.Gettin kicked from games because of the 'new server'. Plus it is really hard to kill people and the host powers are really evident. I left it for a few days and went back to the ever reliable COD4. then i heard that the online had been 'fixed'. Now, it is a better game alround online, its alot easier to get into matches and rarely get kiked now ( even though it does happen).

    To gt the best out of this game i reccomend that you get in a decent clan preferably with m8s, it takes time to get into the game and to get good at it.

    Finally dont listen to people who compare this to COD4, even though over all it is better, they are totaly different.
    In an ideal world get both



    just a little add on to a review which sed the game is too easy, thats why there are 4 difficulties, try doing it on veteren!

    Otherwise, brilliant game, get it!

  5.  Simpsons game - good. thats it


    A good game for all fans of the show. people who are not friends of the show will hate it. the only reason its getting good feedback is because it is the simpsons. a good game and good story line, however its bluddy annoyin when you cant figure out what to do

  6.  Worth The Cash


    Great game but fails to build on the previous games