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  1.  Best martial arts film ever!


    You want to know how great this film is? Just google "Best fight scene ever" to watch the final climactic showdown between stingray and officer DiMarco!

    Keep an eye out!

    See ya!



    This is by far the best shooter on the DS by miles, its even better than brothers in arms, and thats saying a lot. The graphics are awesome, very detailed with plenty of nice little touches, so is the sound, with good effects and a great score. You cant fault the controls, the only thing lacking is theres no online multiplayer for it, however the game supports multi and single cart play. Get this, you wont be disappointed!

  3.  Decent game, value for money!


    I wasn't expecting a lot from Mortal Kombat: Armageddon for the Wii but I was pleasantly surprised by how good this version is and by how much stuff they have packed into the game. Firstly the fighting mechanics in this version are very decent, it plays fast, is very gory and the graphics are quite good. You will be amazed by the sheer number of characters you can select from, absolutely every MK character ever is included. A nice touch is the create a fatality where you can make a chain of death moves with simple commands such as back, back, Y etc. You also get a half decent scrolling beat em up in this version plus believe it or not a cart racing game thrown in. The option of being able to play with a nunchuck, classic controller or GameCube pad pad is also great. This is great value for money, if you buy Mortal Kombat: Armageddon you wont be disappointed!

  4.  Half decent platformer


    I played the xbox 360 version of this before i saw the wii version, and wasn't expecting a huge difference in the graphics. I was shocked by how poor the wii version looks compared to the very decent looking 360 version. The game looks very crude and jagged compared to the 360 version. The controls are where this game falls down the most however, instead of having the option to play with the classic controller you have to play with the nunchuck. This is particularly bad because you have to adjust the camera with the d-pad of the remote which doesn't work very well and they seemed to have thrown in some pointless motion controls just for the sake of it. However this aside the game is fun, a Simpsons fan or younger gamer will be entertained by this, especially in the 2 player co-op. So overall a fun platformer thats let down by dodgy controls and bad graphics compared to the other versions available.

  5.  NOT VALUE FOR MONEY, not even for 50p


    I dont understand how you could possibly give this game a good review, the controls are abysmal and unresponsive the cars are incredibly slow (even when you use a nitro you barely move) and the graphics are like a bad PS1 game, avoid, get Excite Truck instead!

  6.  Very bad controller!!!


    Ok people dont waste your money on this controller, me and my mate got one each when we first got our 360's and had to replace them with the official pads. The analogues sticks are extremely unresponsive and loose (forget about playing fight night or any FPS), the start and select buttons feel cheap and are in awkward positions, the trigger shoulder buttons are also useless and stiff and the d-pad is extremely poor ! Dont be tempted by the cheap price I recommend you get yourselves the official pad instead! Dont say i did not warn you!
    P.S. Right after I submitted my review two other people decided to submit theirs...... on the same day...... both giving this pad 5 stars..... suspicious?