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  1.  Really enjoyable.


    After finishing Joe Saccos entire back catalogue, I found this little gem set is Israel. I was expecting something political and heavy.

    This is a very good story about two people united by a sad occurence, and also a strange person. It's short, it's sweet, but I couldn't put it down!

    A very enjoyable read.

  2. Llanita


    Almeida Girl & Descarga - CD

    2 New from  £9.74  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £6.99

     Undiscovered Gem


    I am so amazed this isn't as big as it should be.
    Almeidas voice is crystal clear as it is warming and enchanting. I honestly do not see the deal with "that" Winehouse girl at all. This is where true sensational english born latin/soul music is coming from.

    Must hear songs include "Barfly" and without doubt the fantastic musicianship of "Mi Loca".

  3.  No other book can touch it.


    As said inside the book. It is a common misconception that no one in their right mind can imagine or understand the holocaust.

    Spiegelman disproves this in one of the most unsettling, gripping and genius drawing of cartoon characters. It deals with every single issue about the holocaust; survivors guilt, luck, logic, stereotypes, racism, anti-semitism, inhumane treatment by the Polish towards the Jews even after the war and so on.

    Art Spiegelman is comepletely faultless in his delivery of this chillling tale, the comics serve their purpose and the over all personification and metaphor of the Jews works so amazingly convincingly.

    A facinating point to note is that this is not entirely about the holocaust, but also its effects of Spiegelmans own life and is consistently cross referencing himself and his own feelings of guilt for no knowing what had happened to his mother and father.

    I wholeheartedly believe this book is suitable for everyone as to teach that such acts of evil should never happen again.

  4.  Sorry to disagree


    I found two play thoughs (one on medium other on hardest) and that's it. Done. Finished. Nothing else. The single player is a fun brainless shoot 'um up but for me story and characters are paramount.

    Yes it is fun, but only for a week, after that week I gurantee you'll never play the single player again.

    If I could do a separate review then I would give this a higher rank. Super intense spray 'n' pray multiplayer battles are great fun for a couple of weeks, until you reach genera (about 28 hours of online game play) and then you've done/see/shot everything you can do in this game.

    Personaly I prefer online shooters with at least a small amount of tactics and brains. So far online battles are decided on how many people have unlocked the P90 or "double tap" with the M60.

    If you loved Call of Duty 2s online gameplay. I surggest you keep to it. Mosin Nagant FTW.

  5.  Fantastic (Definately NOT overated)


    Please do not listen to the cries of "it's overated" because it just isn't.

    Like with everything, you get out what you put in, so if you rapidly play though the game not caring for the story, character development or anything like that, then you mayaswell go out and buy Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare.

    It does not get boring, as the ways to kill the various enemies with combinations of the many plasmids will only entertain those with an imagination!

    In doing this it sets itself apart from the run and gun brainless shooters that are out there.

    Take your time with this game and immerse your self as the saviour or curse to the citizens of Rapture, because if you don't and treat it like anyother run and gun game you will only barely scratch the surface of the true depth of this game.

  6.  For those who like new concepts.


    I love the way Tim Schafers mind thinks!

    Extremely engaging story, with beautifuly scripted dialogue and scenes.

    Personaly I was facinated with the scenery and the concept of what you are playing. Entering the minds of other people and seeing how they thing is amazing to playthough.

    A true diamond waiting to be discovered!

  7.  Overview, though devoid of depth


    I am curerently using this book as revision ans a vit of background reading to an A2 Mussolini and Fascist Italy course.
    For this purpose it provides a sufficient overview, but sadly does not go into great detail about what effects (for example) the Matteoti crisis did to Mussolinis rise to power.

    As I said it is great for revision but those seeking greater indepth knowledge of the corse should look elsewhere.

  8.  For those doing A2 History


    I used this book as revision and a little background reading while studying the nazi party at A2 level.
    For this purpose it is perfect, but not for pleasure reading, as it contains more of an overview with superbly relevant information to the A2 course. Personaly I think this book strikes the perfect balance between overviewing the many sectors of the Nazi party, while at the end provides a brilliant section detailing many historians different opinions on certain events, which are perfect guidelines for essay arguments.

    Also fantastic price!

  9.  Great game spoiled by online registry


    Fantastic game, and no your CoH saves and medals ARE saved, yes the game does uninstall CoH but NOT your save games. I thought the campaigns were very well structured and more importantly ectremely entertaining.
    Graphically the game is immense, with British commandos yelling while charging down a machine gun post using expertly rendered volumeric smoke grenades.

    As I said those who enjoyed playing LAN with their friends on two computers in the same house will be dissapointed as the new online relic account registration renders this useless. I can understand registering to play online completely, but why should those without the internet be forced to register?

    Anyway, that minor fault aside and a few unit bugs that were taken out in the new patch, this is a worthy addition to any CoH or WWII RTS fan.

  10.  True escapism.


    Never before have I truely believed I was a game character than since the mighty Half-Life 2. The three things that this game does so very well is the setting, scenery and living in the environment. Scavenging for food, weaponry and somewhere to sell your latest artifact is superbly rewarding as it is entertaining. Due to the A-life no two games are the same, there will always be a person who died before you got there, when you really needed their information to dig up some stash in an underground lab.

    Yes graphics may put some people off as this game is very picky about what it runs on, with some top-end PC struggling to keep up and middle-end ones easily running smoothly.

    Oh, I forgot. For £9.99 it's a bargain.