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  1.  I read this in a day!


    This is one of the best books and trilogies that I have ever read. I downloaded it based on a recommendation from someone and read it all in 1 day. The book eases you in quite gently by giving you a detailed overview of the characters and the issues that they have faced over some years. The pace then picks up when the characters are being chosen for the games and this is where the book really grips you. Once the characters are into the games the chapters are so descriptive that you could close your eyes and see every scene in your head. You are able to empathise with the characters and start to think about how you would react if you were put into this situation (surely thats what all good stories should do). Some parts of the book were quite graphic but that ok with me as it adds to the reader tension and adds to anticipation of the story. The pace of the film was very well structured as it becomes fast and intense then slower and more relaxed I enjoyed this as it stopped the action over-powering the story. The book is really well written and could have had young people or adults in mind.
    I have also read the other 2 books and they are just as good, so I strongly recommend reading these as well.

  2.  Amazing film!


    I read this book in a day so obviously I couldnt wait for the film to come out in the cinema. The book is fantastic and I strongly suggest that everyone reads it.
    I will give you my only negative point first. All thought the film was fabulous I did feel that some of the books vital information was left out. I do however think that this was down to the age limit of the film and possibly the budget. Maybe the age limit should have been increased slightly to allow for more detail???
    Apart from that this film is brilliant and even though the concept is very dark the film makers handle this very well and ensure that the main emphasis is on the on-going action and not the death of the people in the film. The pace of the film is really well timed and doesnt leave you sitting there wishing it would hurry up and get to the point and the acting chemistry between the young actors was brilliant each one was exactly how you imagine them to be after reading the book.
    I would highly recommend this film and cant wait for the next one to come out as the second book is just as good!

  3.  Brilliant (as usual) - would of liked it to be longer though


    Being a huge fan of these games I couldnt wait for this latest instalment. It didnt let me down one little bit. The graphics were outstanding and as usual the story line was detailed and could easily be made into a film (to be honest I cant believe they havent). The missions that you go on provide challenges but the key is to never give up!!! For people who have played this game before I recommend that you use the hard mode just to make it that little bit more of a challenge. It was good to get to understand how the relationship had started and had developed between Nate and Sully which added some fun challenges. My only issue with this game was that it wasnt long enough. I could of used much more game time but I suppose I could always start again!!!!
    Amazing game. I hope we get another one soon.

  4.  brilliant special effects. The story was not so special!


    Firstly the special effects were absolutely amazing in this film. The colours completely memorised me. I can completely understand why it took so long to make and the idea behind this was completely genius. However I thought that the story was quite dull. The last half an hour was good and was a bit more exciting but up until that point I was quite bored. If it wasnt for the fact that the effects were so amazing it would of lost my interest half way through. The story was weak and it didnt really have an explainable storyline. Sometimes films like this are made as a build up to a far superior story line and I am wondering if this is the case here.
    I am in no way saying that the film was bad, because it definitely was not, but I would of liked a bit more action in the middle to keep me more interested

  5.  leaves you smiling and happy


    I completely loved this film.
    The story came together well and even though the plot was a bit predictable it left me feeling happy which can only be a good thing. The cast was brilliant and worked really well together to make the relationships feel true.
    As usual Jenifer Aniston was amazing and had a completely believable character.
    The humour was well placed and was used to brake up some of the more sad scenes.
    This film was fun and easy watching and even if you say you didnt enjoy it, you wont be able to deny that it made you smile :)

  6. 2012



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     not bad!!


    I wish that I had made the effort and had gone to see this in the cinema, as thats where it needed to be seen. I do have a big TV though so all was not lost!!!!!
    I have to be honest the story of the film was not that strong but the special effects were brilliant. It was incredibly realistic and certainly made you think.
    I dont think it is a film I would want to watch again as I think that the film could have been cut in half. The focus was on the effects and not the story lines of the characters which made the film fall really flat on times.
    Good fun though one to watch.

  7.  time to stop now


    I am a huge fan of the Saw films, but I thought that this one lacked something?????
    The story is now becoming a bit silly and to be honest I think it should of stopped at the last film. The characters are still great and the twists in the story are good, but its nothing we have not seen before. These films are supposed to be famous for their gore, but again this film I felt lacked in this area as well. Its not the fact that there was none, it was the fact that it was the same thing, different day!
    I do like the fact that the story comes together well and always gets you thinking, but unfortunately this is where the excitement ended for me this time.
    I was quite disappointed with this and think they should stop now before a brilliant story is ruined.

  8.  Brilliant - loved it!!!!


    I had heard a few people say that this film was rubbish, but I am a real believer in making my own mind up.

    I have to be honest, I absolutely loved this film. I am a huge horror fan I and I am not easily scared, but this really got me!!
    The subtle, eerie tone to this film is spot on and keeps you on the edge of your seat.
    I really think that the film maker was trying to make you use your imagination, which makes it more scary as you have heightened anticipation by the lack of visual information.
    I actually found the hair on the back of my neck standing up and loved the fact that this was so realistic, that it could have been happening to me!

    I enjoyed the ending as it was not really what I was expecting and to be honest really creeped me out!! I think that to watch this film and open your mind to possibilities. It was only on for about an hour and a half, but I could of watched it for a lot longer.
    Give this a try, I am sure you will love it.

  9.  Amazing


    I have only recently starting watching this but soon became very addicted and have bought one series after another.
    This season is the best so far and has kept me on the edge of my seat.
    The characters are fantastic and I have to say not at all what I expected, especially Terri Hatchers character Susan. Each character has there own qualities and you find yourself getting attached to their personalities and either loving or hating what they bring to the show.
    The story lines in this season have been fantastic and made me laugh and cry, and I am still getting those moment when I am thinking "I did not see that coming".
    I have now finished season 4 and have every intension of buying season 5. I have even managed to get my husband hooked!!

    All I can say is long may this fantastic show continue.

  10.  Not for me...


    I thought this film was going to be so much more than it was. The story line was very weak and the humour was very little. What humour there was didn't really seem to work.
    Isla Fisher was very good playing that character and was quite believable, however sometimes the presence of the other cast members fell very flat.
    I don't think I would watch this film again as it was really disappointing and I will not be purchasing a copy to add to my collection. Shame....