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  1.  RA RA AH AH AH AHH!!


    shes just so good, the new songs are great i listen all the time, the only song i dont like that much is so happy i could die but its not all that bad.
    cant wait to go see her in feb she is guna be wicked

  2.  Great


    i got this for a friend for christmas.. when it got delievered i wasnt in so i had to go pick it up on the way home from work and even through the packet it kept my hand warm in the snow. Its quite heavy and big so nice and snuggly and it smells so nice too. so glad im getting one for christmas too cant wait!

  3.  good speakers


    i havent really had time to properly get to blast them yet but so far they are good, the bass if excellent as well as the quality. im so glad i got mine before play.com ran out of stock *THUMBS UP*

  4.  Too hyped up.


    This game is good. The graphics are amazing.
    The reason im giving it three stars is because of the shortness of the single player mode... i completed it in one day and was so annoyed considering the price of it.
    Also theres no good sniper level which i always look forward to, its just parts of using a sniper rifle.
    The multiplayer is complicated and takes some getting used to... im still not used to it yet considering the simplicaty of WAW.
    Special ops is good if you have two players and theres even a good sniper level. would have liked to see more of them in there though
    Overall its not really worth the money, but its worth a buy or rent.

  5.  Massive improvment


    This game is extremly addictive... if you liked the first one and want to play an improved version of it get it,
    -Better movement, i remember in the first one getting stuck everywhere... you dont in this one.
    -Graphics are good while playing
    - More weapons and things to use.
    - Money system is good so you can upgrade ect
    - Better more interesting character
    - More stuff to do such as mission variation and other missions.
    - Cutscene graphics are a little off and arn't as good as they could be.
    - Ezio gets far too notorious too quick and too easy which gets a bit annoying because you have to keep ripping down posters or bribing people all the time.
    - Takes a while to get into the actual game, could be seen as a nice introduction but i didnt like it.
    - So far.. and im not very far in, there hasnt been much assassinating people.
    Overall this game is amazing and even though its probably being overshadowed by MW2 its still amazing and you should still get it.

  6. Witness


    Blessthefall - CD

    23 New from  £6.72  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £22.48

     Sooo good


    I was a bit reluctant to listen to this album because i thought they were going to be terrible without craig. But i must say its excellant and they've made a good second album... I havent stopped playing it thumbs uppp!

  7.  Michael Jackson at his best


    This album is amazing it has great songs and considering its the follow up to the greatest selling album ever its better and because michael wrote a lot of the songs i love it even more. Slowly gathering a bad collection :d

  8.  Good


    Theres not much wrong with this controller, people have said that its heavier and yeah it is but i think thats a good thing. The vibration isnt really why i brought it, i just wanted to play two player games but the vibration makes a subtle difference. Overall good but not amazing and the price is soo bad

  9.  Wooo!


    This game is really good guitar hero is just an all round good game. the only reason im giving this 3 stars is because it just hurts your wrist too much, i played it for 5 minutes and i had to stop.

  10.  What a waste of excitment


    i was so excited for this game to come, i waited for a long time.
    so when it came yesterday i was happy.
    when you start playing straight off you can tell its not going to be good, the guy cant run, he gets stuck on everything!
    the other surviors sound stupid and hurley and sawyer loook nothing like the actual people.
    th black smoke is annoying
    where were the polar bears?
    so yeah do not buy it! whatever you do its too short and not good!