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  1.  For HA72SE


    I've read through what you've said and altho it is true in so many words, I think you've painted a rather grim picture of the game in its whole.

    I'l keep it short:

    There are bugs in the game but from someone who has spent over 1500 hours playing BF2 i can say i have never thought hang on this game is un-playable because of the bugs and glitches, so that comment right there is pointless.

    Punkbuster is a nightmare, but if people read the instructions and have patients they'll eventually get it to work.

    There are also alot of exploits in the game but if you pick a good server the admin will seriously maintain the server and spot a hacker a mile off..... THERE ARE 1000's of servers so i have no idea where you got the idea from that there aint many servers, there are so many servers you have to narrow your search to find the right one for you.

    If you're going to sit there and byatch about hardware i.e jets and choppers, just play one of the many many many inf only servers on BF2 or even go on maps where there are no choppers or planes just tanks and TOW's.

    There reason people get huge kills in planes and choppers is because they'll more than likely spend 20 deaths before getting in a J10 or AH1Z so it works out fair..... 64 players on a map, 4 planes 2 choppers.... agaist: Mounted AA x 4, 4x AA tanks while also plane vs plane chopper Vs chopper....

    The commander mode is revolultionary and still hasn't been done by any other game, if a commander is rubbish then there is a great little button called.... VOTE KICK... this way if your team really have had enough of the commandor they can kick him from duty!

    All in all this is far better that any other game out there, COD4 is just inf only, CSS is inf only. If you want a true battlefield experiance and not a paintballing with your mates experiance then buy this game!

    ROLL ON BF3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2.  Comfy & Warm


    Bought these for my fiance and he loves them! Received them in quick time. Brilliant for this really cold weather we are having at the mo. Such a bargain price.....a must buy!!!

  3.  Dont 'Mist' this film!


    Watched this film last night with my partner, was a bit iffy to start with but it soon kicked off!! Gripped pretty much straight away.
    The preacher lady was ok to start with but then after a while started getting annoying and to be honest i personally wanted to shut her up myself but on the whole a really good film with great effects and story line.
    The creatures amongst the mist did make us both giggle in some parts but on the whole some good graphics with them and they made me jump 1 to many times haha!
    The ending did leave me in complete shock as i did not expect that to happen at all. We would have both prefered an alternative ending as we felt annoyed and very sad!! You have to watch it to understand what i mean.

    Overal a must watch so please watch it.



    ARRRRGGGGHHHH cannot wait for this to be released..has to be the best sitcom on tv!! Hilarious series. Series 1 was a classic roll on series 2.

  5.  Good Read...Didnt Like Format!!!


    I thouroughly enjoyed the story line of this book and must agree with a lot of viewers that when you start reading this book you can't put it down!!! Once again Cecelia Ahern has shone through. At the moment i cannot get enough of her books and will be carrying on with her other novels ASAP!!!
    Although, i must admit i am not a huge fan of the book's entire content being in the form of letters, e-mails, etc. With regards to when i started reading this book it did kind of annoy me and make me loose interest after the 3rd chapter, but then i gave it a go and after 3 days i have finished it. I learnt one lesson out of this....to never judge a book by its form of content lol!!!

  6.  High Speed Roller Coaster Ride!!!


    Well written book, almost makes you feel like you are the characters. Very emotional and quite spine chilling in parts!! Did in fact take me about a week or 2 to read but usually im slow paced so this just shows how great the adventure was. Once started you will never put it down. I have never read any books by this author but will 100% be keeping the look out for more of hers. Fantastic novel.

  7.  A Must Read


    I have just finished this book after a week and loved every part of it. It had so much humour and sadness init which made it an enjoyable experience. I will say very difficult to put down. It is a beauty to read such a fantastic novel by a fantastic author. 10 out of 10.

  8.  AWFUL!!


    The worst horror film i think i have eva seen. Some parts jumpy and a bit scary but what a stupid story line. I do like a good horror aswell but this was a terrible excuse of one.

  9.  Fantastic!!!


    Outstanding book. Will honestly say haven't been able to put it down and has only taken me 3 days to read it. I am a huge fan of Katie Price and have read all her biographys and they all top each other. A must buy if a FAN!!

  10.  Quality!!!!!


    Great price PLAY for £2.99 i must be honest though i think i would pay alot more for it....absolutely hysterical film. I could honestly watch it over and over again. Indeed well worth the price. Great comedy and Steve Carrol is soooo funny in it. If you like him in the 40 year old virgin you will 100% enjoy his character in this. Well worth a buy and is easy watching!!!!