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  1.  Rock band


    many people say that due to the big difference between prices with the u.s version and the u.k version you shouldn't buy this, and i thought that too, untill i saw on play thast the band in a box was only £100, ok so maybe it's still more expensive but add shipping costs, and price for an imported version and they are almost the same, so go ahead, buy it and trust me, you won't look back :)

  2.  The best membership idea yet!!


    before i started playing warcraft about 3 months ago i was completely against the idea of having to pay a subscription of 8.99 a month, i could not afford it. but when i was browsing through the WoW game and expansion on play i saw this thime card and it's incredibly usefull! in sooo many ways

    -your not on a deadline each month to pay 8.99
    -since this is not jsut availeble online you can buy it in the shops, meaning you need't have a credit/debit card to play!
    -it's the perfect gift for a WoW member (like said in other reviews)
    -and last of all, it comes in a case, usefull if you have any loose disks lying around xD

    if you're a current WoW subscriber, cancel you're subscription, ur better off buying these!

  3.  dissapointing


    after buying zelda twilight princess on the 'cube hoping i could use all sorts of cheats on it i found out you can't update the action replay...instead you hae to buy another one to hope it has updated cheats on it.



    if you want to play games like links x-bow training and resident evil umbrella chronicles properly then buy the OFFICIAL wii zapper.
    the is nothing like the zapper, it's not as sturdy as the zapper, it's not asgood as the zapper and for some reason alot of people (including the majority of my mates) that made this seems to think it's better than the zapper since it has a "realistic" ammo clip at the front....which seems to have a trigger on it? and because it's 50% cheaper than the zapper.
    on then other hand it's alright for perhaps a stocking filller, or for someone who just wants a big plastic gun frame ( thats all it is, a plastic gun frame ) or even someone who just wants to liven up their gameplay then for £9.99 it's a decent buy.

  5.  what the earth is this?


    i had to watch this, just to see what all the fuss was about and it was nothing more than a few teenagers trying to sing (and singing poorly i may add), i wouldn't even reccomend this to someone who was 7 years old, there was some uterly stupid romance in it and and i've already mentioned the sining gets on your nerves and the worst part is the price, i'm not talking about £11.99, the actual retailprice is £16 !!, no joke, so if you want to buy a dvd where all it is, is a few teen ages singing and a cheesy romance story then go ahead and buy it , if not stay WELL BACK and don't buy this.

  6.  incredibly poor....


    alright for now, as i does add some fun to games like resi 4 red steel...but with the officieal wii zapper coming out soon witch is jus like this but modeled after a machine gun or something, you should wait for the zapper.
    many people think the is exxelent since is makes the remote look more like gun, but is it? no it's a stupid plastic frame and for the price it's like buying a sheet of paper for £50!

    the remote seems to work fine withoput anything like this so there isn't rearrly no point,

    and it looks rubbish.

  7.  a great game


    don't liste to any bad reviews this is an exelent game. the camera takes some getting used to but otherwise it's one of the best licensed games you can buy. with the choice of either the autobots or the decepticons to play as it's like 2 games in one, the levels are great as u can destroy building terorise neighborhoods and smash just about everything!!
    the highlight of this game for me wa that the original megatron voice actor from the 80's is in it!!!!!!!!!!