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  1.  The original and still the best!


    There have been many racers pass through the Playstation formats over the generations. From the PS1 to the mighty PS3. Offering cars and races of all shapes and sizes. Race Driver:Grid is exceptional for example. However Gran Turismo is just the pinnacle of driving games, and Gran Turismo 5 continues this tradition.
    The inclusion of the Top Gear test track is brilliant! Taking a TVR across the Hammerhead or the follow through! Fantastic! But you need to work up through the ranks to unlock this track, amongst others.
    They seem to have focused on an all round racing experience with this version. No longer is it purely about power. A tweaked up Skyline is wonderful, but unless you upgrade those tyres its like driving across ice!
    Visually its as any Gran Turismo, just jaw dropping. Light rendering. Shadowing. Colours. Even down to reflections in wing mirrors! The cars now suffer "damage", but looks more like the cars have been put through Photoshop rather than damaged vehicles. Nice effort but not really implemented that well.
    Full Race Car conversions are available, but to date I have yet to find a car that I can do it to! And with no explanation anywhere which ones you can convert, or what conditions conversion is available its a little frustrating! Trying to upgrade a Supra to a Race Car to find it is not possible is very annoying!
    However, its Gran Turismo. If you are a racer you'll love it. If you are not, you still will!

  2.  DEAD good fun!


    The only thing stopping the 5 stars is the loading screens. There are so many and take so long (especially considering the initial installation that takes place) - they really let the side down.

    BUT....its a small price to pay for this game. Dawn of the Dead meets State of Emergency. A multitude of weapons to use, and combo cards earned throughout the game to combine them (baseball bat and nails still one of my faves). Fistcuffs, or how about a little Shaun of the Dead and throw LPs at them?
    Run them down with a wheelchair, kiddies bike, golf cart - you get the idea. Everything is a weapon to be used to eliminate the zombie threat.
    Follow the missions or just freelance and commit zombie genocide. Little niggle is it can be a bit Ressie Evil with the too-ing and fro-ing from the safehouse with survivors. However it looks splendid, great graphics, great backdrops and multiple animations for decimated zombies! Buy it and turn out the lights!

  3.  Stunning, simply stunning!!


    Its just jaw-dropping how good this film is.

    Cause a war to take land rich in mineral deposits....sounds familiar? Seriously though. The script is excellent, acting very good and the CGI is faultless to the point real actors mingle with CGI created marines and the difference is barely perceptible.
    The landscapes are colourful and detailed. The fluidity between live action and CGI is breathtakingly good. I won't tell you much more, apart from buy it! And at 14.99 for both Bluray and DVD in one box, you really can't go wrong!

  4.  Just superb!


    First thing - if you have the full boxset of this classic 70s series, save your money as its a double episode put together for a tv movie.
    I for one prefer the original Battlestar Galactica. The new one gets too embroiled in politics and internal power struggles - it feels like a court room drama every episode! - , when all you want from a scifi series is space ships, lasers and nasty bad guys getting blown to bits!
    By todays standards the effects are sub standard but they were ground breaking 30 years ago! Each episode cost $1 million to make! Thats a huge budget for a tv series with no modern CGI to fall back on!
    Anyway, The Galactica is running out of fuel, things for the 400 hundred ships of survivors of the human race are looking grim. THEN the presumed destroyed Battlestar Pegasus with the legendary commander Caine appears out of nowhere.....
    The acting is great, Dirk Benedict as Starbuck is unforgettable as the loveable rogue womaniser. Lorne Greene excels in the role of Commander Adama, and Lloyd Bridges is just superb as Caine.
    If you like your scifi to be just that, Scifi, without worrying about ensuring all the physics work, buy the original Battlestar Galactica films or series. Its 30 years on and still just does the business!

  5.  star trek as it should be


    I love star trek. Lets face it if you're looking at the voyager dvds you must too. I was a little disappointed with DS9, and the Next Generation was awesome, but it kinda felt like "Captain we've scratched the hull. OK lets head for a starbase for a new paint job". Voyager gives a ship and crew vs the universe feel to it which just works so well. Voyager definitely has a Kirk-like feel to it. Kate Mulgrew is outstanding as Janeway, the first female starfleet captain for tv. The scripts are extremely well written, and all the actors contribute magnificently to each and every episode. Robert Picardo as the holographic doctor brings a McCoy-esque feel to the ship's doctor with lines like "I'm a doctor, not a childminder" and so forth. Just excuse the amount of foundation applied to the actors in the earlier episodes, Robert Duncan McNeil as Tom Paris is most notable ha ha, and you'll enjoy this Star Trek series. At £14.99 per season, well thats just to good a deal to miss!! Beam me up, i'm sold!!!

  6.  good, really really good album


    Bought this album on the back of Elvis ain't dead track release and very happy i did. Its excellent. All the tracks are well constructed and thoroughly enjoyable to listen to. There just is not a bad song on the album. If, like me, you like The Fray and Snow Patrol this is right up your alley so buy it now and enjoy!!!!!

  7.  Back to how it should be


    It may be based in present day, but this one has a real Aliens feel about it. A heroine, a big one on one fight with the main baddie, and a blooming big APC!!! I was a little cautious after the first alien vs predator film, but am so glad i got this because it is quite simply really good. The alien and predator effects are slick, the acting is smooth and plenty of inter-species fighting. The maternity ward is particularly innovative!!! If ya like aliens, if ya like predators this film combines them in the way the first one really should have.

  8.  You want war, you got it!!!


    GET THIS FILM!!!! Not much more to say really. If you like your war films, (Platoon, Black Hawk Down and the like), you really want to be adding this to your collection. Mel Gibson as the religious military commander is outstanding. The action scenes are just so well filmed, the detail and sound quality of bluray (esp in Dolby digital) you'd swear you were there!!!. The film swapping from the battlefield to Gibson's wife bawling out a poor cabbie assigned to deliver telegrams of sorrow for the deaths of husbands just great cos you really feel the human factor of how families are affected instead of constant gunfighting (don't get me wrong there is nothing wrong with that). A must have for any collection really.

  9.  Smith does it again


    I have seen "The Omega Man" with the late great Charlton Heston and thoroughly enjoyed it, so was smacking my lips in anticipation at the remake. I was not disappointed until the very end. Thankfully the alternative ending is on bluray and they really should have used it to give the film a twist away from Omega Man. Having said that it is just brilliant. Smith is outstanding as you would expect from him. He plays the character so well, expressing the slow twist into delerium that being the last human would cause. Considering its just him and a dog for the most part, he really carries the film and i am not sure many other actors could carry it off. Its also the little touches - scattering mannequins around New York so he sees and has regular contact with "people" and the like - brilliant. If you like the end of the world themes like Day After Tomorrow and the like, then this film is for you. Get it cos you'll love it. (Watch Omega Man too if you can find it and see where it all came from).

  10.  One word - BRILLIANT


    Oh wow, finally a really good vampire film that really cuts the mustard!! Josh Hartnett is awesome as the protective sheriff trying to hold the town together, and the vampires look amazing!! Not explicitly gory but still plenty of the red stuff. Great setting, great story, great film - a must have for pretty much anybody!!