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  1.  Great activity for parents and kids this Christmas!


    I received chocolate picture maker as an activity for me and my kids to get involved in, I am very impressed by the results of the picture maker. It is very simple and easy to use, no using a microwave or boiling water to melt chocolate, its all done through warm tap water, so even the kids can try and do it on their own.

    The picture maker helps with the kids creativity, we used some of the stencils provided, but you can make any type of picture using the chocolate provided.

    It tastes great to! After cooling it off in the fridge, it was nice and ready to eat!

    Overall I think this is an outstanding activity for parents and kids to get involved in, the kids had a blast and so did I!

    Perfect stocking filler this Christmas, I'll be buying more for my friends and family.


  2.  Amazing Anime for an Amazing Price!


    FMA Brotherhood is re-edit of FMA it stays closer to the original manga more than the last one, but it has completely new stories, battles, heck episode 1's battles were amazing, the animation is sleek, the English Dub is Spectacular! The story is excellent and touching, the 2nd episode is espcially sad, Im glad Funimation has dubbed this to a high standard, you get over 5 hours for 14.99! I love it and you should to! Who says Anime isnt cheap!?

  3.  Awesome Game!


    Just get it its so awesome so much to do theres a VS mode for 2P strawhats all had different ablities and you can play as all the villians for the anime/manga like kuro/eneru/buggy etc The Adventure mode is the main story where you go 2 differnet islands unlock different players 2 use in VS new ablities like Luffy's Second Gear, Zoro Three Sword Style moves also you can do co-op moves also you get the awesome Brooke added to your crew who is funny as hell no english dub but the japanese it v good and this game should not be missed... just awesome 5/5 ONE PIECE UK FANS REJOICE!!!! XD

  4.  One of the Best anime and some of the most awesome battles!


    Its awesome naruto is a awesome anime should be watched by anyone interested in a good storyline and heart stopping action... The best battle by far on the DVD is lee VS gaara that was a awesome battle also the english dub i superb and it also has JAP dubs aswell so buy it NOW!

  5.  Not the best WW2 game but good...


    I rented this game its good but not the best...

    Good points
    +Good graphics
    +Good feel of war
    -Multiplayer is rushed
    -Mp is very laggy
    -You have too stay behing cover to long
    - Too tactical
    Overall 3/5 would recommend
    You rent it before you buy but again this is my opionon hope i helped!

  6.  Super game £10 IS A STEAL!


    I bought this game cause it was £10 and wanted to play it, its worth every peeny of my £10 its got great graphics, awesome gameplay, multiplayer is fun but a bit laggy also dropping out of a aeroplane is ace! Buy this game it a steal for £10!

  7.  Contender og GOTy 2008


    This game is awesome and this is just the beta i have played the beta non-stop it is cute, charming and addictive making you own levels making any objects you can import pics, there even a 50 level story mode to get more objects must buy i mean a must buy!

  8.  Good for a While but then...


    For the first Few hours Assassin's Creed is Epic. But then the missions are the same and get old... Free-roaming becomes a bore... Good whlist it lasts...
    Good Points:
    +Graphic's Are Amazing
    +Sword play is realtic
    Bad Points
    -Missions get old
    -Stupid AI
    -No replay value
    -10 hours less to complete

    Rent it! worth this price but not anything above.

  9.  Best in the Series!


    I would recommend this to anyone looking for a hack and slash adventure killing enemies is enjoyable and doing combos is amazing GET THIS GAME NOW!!!! Nero is great using his devilbringer (arm) he can do grab moves to, crush, throw or grapple the enemies AMAZING WELL DONE CAPCOM!