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  1.  Brilliant


    Recently bought a bluray player and also a seperate dvd surround sound unit, i ended up having 4 remotes lying around the living room! Was doing my head in so i took the plunge and im glad i did, this this is so easy and amazing! It took 5 mins to set up via my pc and away it went, it didnt quite have all the buttons already set for my surround sound but with the 'button learning' ability i just aimed the old remote to the harmony pressed which button i wanted it to learn and it did, its an amazing bit of kit really! If you have 4 devices or less you cant go wrong, i cant recommend this enough!!

  2.  Mediocre!!


    This game along with Splinter Cell Conviction were among my most anticipated games ever and i have been let down again!! When you look at this game running its amazing, graphics sound and all that, however when you actually sit back and put in to perspective how long they have spent on this game, it was announced 5 years ago and i have finished it wondering where the rest of my game is!! The whole experience is just running through forests shooting guys who look the same! Every time, run 5 mins into a forest and bam, guy with a cap who throws things, guy with a yellow finshing coat, guy with dungarees on with an axe, every time! And i wondered to myself, how the hell did it take them 5 years to do this!! When there are games like Mass Effect 2, FFXIII, Dragon Age Origins which have 10 times the story, 10 times the locations, and 10 times the characters! Remedy let themselves down by not releasing this game a few years back, as now it just looks dated and shallow compared to other big names!! Im sorry to drop a bomb on it, its good but wait until its like 20 quid thats all im saying!!

  3.  Amazing


    Hi all, i've had this game for ages now and i've actually just gone back to it to get me in the mood for uncharted 2. Was really just writing this as a heads up to people who are buying it post PS3 firmware 3.0. The game crashes randomly and you'll probably start trauling the net for answers but simply go to the settings tab on your XMB and choose to manually look for an update, you will find firmware 3.01 and this is a Naughty Dog/PS3 fix for this problem. I know some people may have already found this but to newcomers update your system before the game arrives.

  4.  Demo is awesome...


    Loved fight night round 3 but this knocks it out! Feels really fluid and the difference between punches is recognisable because of the game engine, you can see you punches hitting the skin and rippling muscles, beautiful to watch, especially catching a flush punch and seeing your opponent flop onto the floor realistically! The thing i'm most looking forward to is the ability to map your face onto your character using a digital photo or the xbox live camera, it'll be awesome seeing your face smashed up after 12 rounds with tyson or ali. Brilliant, gonna be a defo purchase from me.

  5.  WORKS WITH PS3!!


    Just thought i'd let other 360&PS3 owners that this pad works on the PS3, the sixaxis was always a gripe for me coming from my 360 as the sticks are way too loose and placed wrongly for shooters (in my opinion). With the ability to move the analog stick to your choice this helps and the sticks are a bit stiffer thus helping out with the over sensitive sixaxis! Plus its a cheap second pad when you think about it!

    Just thought ppl might like to know!

  6.  Amazing!!


    This game is a reason in itself to buy a PS3! My PS3 has been gathering dust for the last few months as i play my 360 alot but now my PS3 is never switched off, i played this for 10 hours solid on Friday and i never got bored.
    Only set back is there isn't a fully customisable buttons option, just a few presets which in my eyes i'd prefer to choose my own but hey, once you get to grips with it its awesome!

  7.  Amazing film!!!


    Firstly i'd like to ask how Grumpy123 found this film too complicated hahaha, wow, the movie is about a girl that gets abducted and Denzel kicks off big time trying to get her back! Where was the confusion lol. You should stick with disney's!!!

    Anyway back to the film, i know you can get this film for 6 quid on dvd, if you dont own a bluray player or PS3 get that version, if you do however, why would you be going back to dvd, it looks like VHS after seeing Bluray!!

  8.  1080p vs 1080i


    seriously you people giving grief to the fact its only 1080i, its pretty much exactly the same! 1080p and 1080i have the exact same pixel count 1920x1080 and its only the refresh rate thats any different, p is progressive scan meaning the screen is refreshed in one take on every individual frame, and the i means that the screen is divided into lines and is scanned twice over each frame which means on some fast scenes you may get screen tearing! but as for quality they should'nt look any different at all because of the pixel count! People who are complaining may only have an HD Ready TV rather than Full HD, check that out first before putting people off! Its still beautiful to watch and for only 17.99 its actually cheaper than the standard dvd version, BONUS!

  9.  Breathtaking


    This game is by far the best game i have ever played on any console ever!!! Its got everything you want in an adventure game, stealth, good combat controls, really good AI, and most of all the graphics make your eyes water! Its such a huge game environment and every little detail hsa been accounted for. Amazing, buy it now or you'll miss out on this killer app.