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  1.  Amazing


    Ignore the negative reviews. The reviewers are trying to play the game as quick as possible and get the review out. If you like to shoot things and like exploring to gain XP this is for you. If you play the game to finish the story asap then you are missing the point of this game. Hopefully this help you decide to buy or not. Its not for everyone but the content involved and things to do are unmatched (some of it may be uninteresting). WARNING though ... you need a hard drive and you will have 10GB of data to download on top of what is on the disc , followed by lots of patches, This may not sound good but look at this way.. The developers are constantly adding things and improving the game and they can do it without having to go through the microsoft validation process. That can only be a good thing !!!

  2.  Fantastic


    I don't do review's because I don't care , but this fantastic game will be passed up by some people who are not sure about it. So all I can say is if your interest in the game has you got as far as reading these reviews then go ahead and buy it. It has a very rare quality in modern games in that it makes you want to to keep playing, and keep thinking about it your tactic's long after you have turned off the console.A MUST HAVE GAME.

  3.  Give it Chance....


    The same as all the reviewers here so far , this is a great little game that I am so glad I bought 1 Fifa is a serious sim and is the best footie game on the market.... BUT this game is FUN , plays well,graphics are not bad.... the campaign is well made... and the BEST thing about it.... unlike Fifa it has that JUST ONE MORE GO feeling about it.... I played it for ages today when I knew there was a lot of other things that needed to be doing...... 8/10

  4.  BASED ON 360 DEMO


    Based on the 360 Demo , This is going to be an amazing game , Everything feels right , and the online co-op side of the game is great great fun , Someone said to me last night " This feels like Test Drive Unlimited on Speed !!" , Personally I think that is an understatement !!, Great Game , A game that I was not going to buy is now already Pre - Ordered..... See you all in Paradise city !! :)

  5.  Worth Every Penny !!


    After playing the demo today , this has gone from not on the radar to the top of my wanted games list , Very good game Online - Try the demo online and see for yourself .......