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  1.  trap door series 1/2


    From the moment the music and introduction starts up, you all ready know that you are in for a treat. I grew up watching this as a kid, as well as watching other programs such as tony harts art show with morph. This is a fantastic program, using, at the time cutting edge stop animation, and unsual human sounds that were remixed for the some of the characters voices Sadley the voice actor (who did bert) has died, but his voiced show lives on in the hearts and minds of those who watched this as a great cartoon series. The series may be dated to the more mainstream animations that are present now, even wallace and grommit, is a updated version to it, but trap door will always remain a classic, one that will allways be remembered for it's charming, and unusal characters plus the infamous scenes when the trap door opens and some thing comes out. If you are looking for something that will keep children amused or you just want to relive lost childhood memories then look no further than this charming gem from the 1980's. For a series, that is old now the picture and sound quality is great, just as it was back then. Also there are plenty of trap door items available, books on series and plush characters, which further proves that the show is a popular series is.

  2.  leisure suit larry:box office bust


    Having played on some of the previous ones, who could ever forget the first one, involving the condom in the shop. however the graphics and gameplay have moved on, since then, i would agree with some of the other comments from other reviewers.
    it does have humour and swearing in but, that's about it, not a great deal for you to stick with it, unless you have a swear box handy, every time a jump does wrong or you got to do a level again for the 8th time.

    here is some of the problems i found upon playing the game.
    I found several bug/glitches when playing game. I found on the roof level segments there was a space you could see through, where i had not been lapped properly, the camera angles when trying to jump are annoying, leaving you to think you going to make it but end up missing the jump due to the angle shifting.
    if you are in a buggy you can get it stuck on the corner edge of the building or set, once toppled on front you can' get out.
    it automaticly saves, so you cant save there and then, to re- do level
    when jumping, he tends to go the opposite direction you want, also, when you jump, he seems to grap hold of an invisible ledge, when the actual ledge is above him. apart from these, what should have been a potential good game has now become some what mediocre, and avarage, shame. best as a rental, than buying it full price, if you are a fan of the series wait till it's cheap to buy first!

  3.  night of the comet (R1dvd)


    I first saw this film when it was shown on tv, i thought i ws great then, some really punchy, cool tracks which play throughout the film.
    It's strange since it was only thenavailable on tape then, and more recently on dvd, upon mass request.

    i have just finished watching it, the basic story is a returning comet falls to earth, or rather america, turning most of the unsheltered into red dust, the rest , flesh hungry zombies, you could say a little of (night o9f the living dead), as our 2 leading ladies wake up, and rejoin each other, they are confronted with the horribly truth. Meanwile a scientist bunker, hidden in an area 51 type is working on a blood/ reversal cure to stop the effects, as our heros are drawn to a local radio station, they meet up with another survivor, after a short while he goes on jis seperate journey, after a heart to heart, arm themselfs shoot up a car, and go shopping, only to be captured by a trio of zonmbies, but later rescued, but are they, as our main hero finds out they are mearly just test subjects and antidote material. After a brief inturlude she escapes, with her sister, hecter, and the 2 kids escape, before the ensuing posse who follow them, get blown up upon there decision to folow them, a lone zombie grabs one of them, and is taken out, they escape. The ending sequence is quite sureal, and also very funny, as they are dressed up and goofing off, her sister goes off with a guy who's initials are DMK, and the rest of them throwing a football, or taking snap shots.

    The film is in wide screen, which is pretty good, the transfer rate, and colour is pretty good , for an old classic. the sound is 2.0 and in mono, but still pretty decent to listen to, overall this is a great all round film, there are no special features, apart from chapter/scene selection. I noticed that some of the credits seemed a littled blured/ or fuzzy, but generally okay. It would have been nice if it had some more content to, but, it still remains a classic, since it never dates, and has some bangin' songs in it, so you'll always want to hear those songs again.

    The original sound track to the film IS still available, but rare, but fans can get this, as well as rare posters and promo magazine covers. If you want to see a great classy sci fi film, have a look at this, it has humour, it some shock moments, and it has some action, and all in 93mins
    This is, or should be available in R1(usa) and R2 uk format dvds, and i would say probaly simular content. A worthwile film to ad to your collection.

  4.  halo 3 legenary boxset


    The large box, contains the rare and exclusive halo helmet, as well cool box art work, both on outside and inside sleeve. Plus you get a HD bonus disc packed dwith lots of cool stuff. Pricey at time, however a worthy investment for the future, given some of the prices that they went for during and after the official release date.
    The game is simply amazing, but worth sticking with to see the final conclusion at the end.

  5.  grand theft auto 4 (xbox 360)


    The medium sized box, holds a great deal of cool stuff, an exclusive made company key chain emlem, with spare keys, the cool artbook, giving you a greater insight into the main and later player allies, as well as game physics. You get a great, and exclusive cd, and finally the super cool duffel bag and strap. overall, with the cool metal saftey depot box and the cool card box, a worthy addition to any fans collection. Also there are 2 variants of the box design, one with NICO, and the other with a prostitute.

  6.  2 pints of lager and a packet of crisps


    I have watched all episodes that were shown BBC3, and have series 1-6 on dvd. Series 7 continues on from the horror special, the last episode from series 6 where after it was all over only a jammy dodger headed jonny and a freaked out janet made it, out seemily alive from the ARCHERS pub. I recently saw the series special to promote the new series, and the next episode DABDAA. Once again the series hasn't lost any of it's hilarious and funny moments, and still makes me laugh till it hurts. There have been 3 specials so far, 1 when janet meets jonny (the music special), 2 when janet kills jonny, and finally the live special where jonny wins a holiday, but dies.
    The current series won't be available to buy untill the 31st of march, I shall look forward to that, however if more series are made then they may decide to put say the series made into double quadruple volumes or a box set, still haven't seen series 2 of grown ups on dvd yet? A great series that has so many funny things in to see and watch, from the sayings from character to character, to the subtle expressions and in they way that that is shown to others in series, plus it's set in a pub hence the name, so that also can relate to people. For me a 5 star series that goes from strength to strength through each episode and series, but always leaves you wanting more!