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  1.  Great


    Not for fans of that absolutely load of drivel Paranormal Activity, this has characters, character development, story, acting and background which the forementioned has none of. Only thing that lets this down is the ending, worth every penny.

  2.  One of the most original films ever created.


    This is a real audience divider, you will either worship the ground in which it was built on or despise its every minute. Some of the best cinematography I've ever seen and Mads Mikkelsen gets in some serious shape for a really brutal opening 20 minutes, the story could have been better and I will admit the ending is stupid, but it's not for fans of Transformers who will of been mislead by the front cover.

    Good film.

  3.  P A N D O R U M


    Best space horror since Pitch Black... yes it's that good. Brilliant plot, good characters and great horror in general.

  4. Moon



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     This was fantastic.


    I take no displeasure in calling this one of the best films of the year or even one of the best Sci-Fi films of the decade, It certainly was sublime. A fantastic plot with Sam Rockwell on form to add to his impressive career, I loved the fact there were very few special effects with more props and hand made scenery, with a $5 million budget it was done so well. In a film about what it really takes to be human and cope with loneliness , this is NOT one for the Transformers movie fans, so don't go bringing your Michael Bay brains into this one.

  5.  Interesting.


    For what it is, it's actually very good, after a second watch its just not the same, saw this years ago in the cinema, thought it was excellent, obviously i (like the film) have aged. It's definitely worth a watch as it was very new for its time, so for the price and to add to your DVD toll. Buy it.

  6.  Loved it, but must be played in small doses.


    The game play and controls are my major concern in games and this was a 5 star straight away, i certainly can understand the reviews prior to mine, it is repetitive but you should know by now, If you buy a game that has Great game play and amongst other details, but gets repetitive early on. Then do the sensible thing and play it in moderation, graphics really shouldn't make a difference to a great game, so for me if you like hammering a game from start to finish in a day, you might want to wait for the price to drop, but if your like me and can change games to keep yourself wanting to play it again later this is a must for you!


  7.  Conquered


    This is a brilliant following of how the Mongolian Genghis Khan came to power, and brought forth one of the most unbelievable empires ever to have existed, a brilliant story about a man history couldn't do without. A portrait to the uprising that was short-lived, yet will stand out for the rest of time.

  8.  There is only one Punisher film


    and this most certainly is it. It's a full on great action movie, that is far more true to the Punisher graphic novel than either of the other 2 atrosities. I mean i like Thomas Jane i think he's a good actor, but the 2004 film sucked, this had alot more to it and a credible cast of the virtually unknown listen to the last few reviews and not people who took this film serious, It isn't Schindler's List, it's a gory no-brainer that is so well executed, Garth Ennis will sleep well at night.

  9.  Got to say...


    I enjoyed every minute of this, you've got to have the Big Lebowski sense of humour, which i do, the Coen brothers are my favourtie directors, and this is another fantastic film to add to their masterpiece of a career in the writing/directitory buisness, and even though i hate Clooney, he did a good job on this, Brad Pitt was hilarious, fantastic.

  10.  A film that re-defines Sci-Fi action.


    before we start, this is not a Matrix rip off, it has a completely different plot, and a totally different setting, although it has its flaws, making a movie on emotionless people was always going to be a large task, but Kurt Wimmer gained an extra fan in me for creating what he has with this film, Christian Bale has yet to fail to impress me with the surprising roles he seems to be taking on. Even though it was produced by the man who brought us MInority Report, i wasn't expecting as good of work as this, brilliant film, buy it NOW!