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  1.  NFS beater!!


    The days when the Need For Speed titles were tip top of the racing genre is now over, this new Midnight Club is simply brilliant. It holds the classic featured you'd expect, such as endless customisation and brilliant car detail. For those of you who want a story in the game, it doesnt really have one except for race... win and you get stuff.
    The good thing is that if you aren't successful in winning a race, you dont have to do it over and over again, instead you can choose to leave, although you will not win as much money or gain as much "REP".
    So, buy this game over the new Need For Speed... the reasons why are endless! especially as it is only £17,99!!!

    p.s In reply to Davey's review (below)... you can cruise around and also just pull up beside a racer, flash your headlights and then race. It also does have all the garages, and gas stations for nitrous.

  2.  Does Saints Row 1 justice...


    Commonly, sequels to games tend to be missing that little something, may people tend to prefer the originals rather than sequels. However, Saints Row 2 is a great improvement on number 1. Character customization is endless, you can even create a cross dresser! I agree, the graphics arent as good as they could be, but Saints Row 2 is not meant to be a stunning, all out graphically fantastic game, it's supposed to be a thrilling, fun and exciting game, and i think that it does that well.
    So now we've got 2 choices - GTA IV for realism, or Saints Row 2 for a great laugh and endless fun?
    My votes on Saints Row 2.....

  3.  This is your big daddy!


    Buying this game for !!£18!! is a must. It's such a great game, challenging, yet not impossible. The storyline is brilliant in my opinion and i feel would make an excellent movie, as well as video game. My favourite part are the Plasmids, special "powers" you unlock through out the game, telekinis is the best, lobbing corpses at enemies and killing theme never gets old.
    I could write a short book about this great game, praising it all the way through... its just brilliant. The best £18 ive spent in a long time...

  4. Teeth



    1 New from  £5.94  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £2.25

     This is Brilliant!


    Sure, i agree with most people, the acting wasn't great and the plot was, well... there wasn't really one. But it's such as laugh to watch, it's hilariously disgusting and some remarks throughout the film made me and my mates laugh for days afterwards.
    Don't expect to be amazed by it, its just a basic movie, thats so funny, everybody is talking about it.

  5.  Dont overlook this book, it's a must read!


    Sorry about the play on words in the title..
    This is an excellent book, Stephen King is an amazing writer as what he manages to do is keep your interest all the way through the book, and you leave yourself with no choice but to read through the more "boring" parts as you desperately want to know what the next creepy, psychotic, scary event is going to happen next!
    Now i've read the book, i'm gonna go buy the film, hopefully the film will do such an awesome book justice...

  6.  The demo is enough, but a full game! i think i'm gonna cry!


    I'm willing to say, from what i've played of the demo, this is THE best online game i've played, it's extremely similar to COD4, but with the introduction of many vehicles/equipement, its so much better as its far more interesting..... and difficult.
    There's only 1 map on the demo - Oasis, but by God is it huge, if any of the other maps are as big and vary in combat situations so much, we're in for a COD4 beater i think....
    So yea, this is the best online game ever, so do yourself a favour and buy it.
    Can't wait for release!!

  7.  Great little piece of kit..


    Bought one of these for my LG Viewty and must say, its a bargain at £6.99! The great thing about it is that its so simple, all you have to do is put it in and it works, no installation or anything needed.
    Shame my Viewty can only take up to 2gb...

  8. Konk


    The Kooks - CD

    19 New from  £5.46  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £3.99

     Odd title, but great album


    Why is it called Konk?? i dont know but anyways yea, this is a good album, like everyone else seems to be saying, its not as good as the first, i agree, in places, some songs are brilliant whereas others i skip as soon as they start playing.
    Still, a good addition to your CD collection, no doubt about it.

  9.  Brilliant, Amazing, Superb, Awesome!!


    Such a great game... i like it because its just a "pick up & play" game, you don't have a career mode so don't have to faff around with saved games e.t.c. The steering wheel is surprisingly responsive and accurate, i thought i'd br turning the thing round and nothing would happen, but that's definately not the case!
    I suggest you buy 2 or more steering wheels because although it is a great fun game, it can get boring pretty quickly.
    Mario Kart also has an online feature, so keeps you entertained, if you have wireless facilities that is, UNLIKE ME!!
    Yeah so, buy this game, you WILL NOT regret it, and for only £35, WITH A WHEEL!! u can't go wrong!

  10.  Great alternative to stupid WIRES!!


    Great product, i realised how much better it is not having wires because i can do stuff whilst still having my mic on because i dont have to lag the controller around... i even got changed with it on, now everybody wants to b able to do that!!
    Some people dont see what the point is... not only is it wireless so u can move around, its also of a much better quality than the wired mic, which i found odd. It's alot clearer and not so irritating.
    I only switched to this because my wired one got sucked up the hoover, but im glad i did, worthe the money, shame its not in stock at the moment....