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  1.  WOW


    I have seen this film in the cinema and loved it! I have watched many book to films before and unlike many others *cough* Harry Potter, can honestly say that this the first one actually lived up to the book. It throws in alot from the novella short second live of Bree Tanner which makes it feel like your getting almost 2 books in one film, which in this instance adds to the experience.

    This is by far the best in the series so far, If you are a fan of the Twilight saga and haven't watched it yet what you playing at!? Get it now!

  2.  Brill


    I saw him do this tour live in the Isle of Man. It was hilarious! If you like John Bishop get this on DVD. I am defo preordering it!

  3.  Not as good as the series....


    I moved onto these books shortly after I had watched the first episode of the series as I was hooked from the first page. But I felt that the story didnt progress as well as I anticipated in the later novels. The characters are a bit two dimensional and I hated how predictable everything was and I even noticed spelling errors in the book! I actively hated the 4th book and I havent even started the 5th yet because I cant bring myself to read the monstrosity. I cant say that I hated the book series as a whole but there is a lot better out there (i.e. the house of night series) and the television series is loads better (albeit with a lot of changes in most for the better) with the characters having more depth and personality to them. I liked the first two books but after that it goes downhill rapidly. Its a good stopgap if you have been bitten with the vampire bug (like myself) and needing to fill the gap between the next Twilight film just dont expect a story that is well written!

    So in short this book is a good read. You will enjoy it but you are setting yourself up for a real let down later on with the sequels.

  4.  Very good film


    Went to see this the other week and ii was a bit dubious about seeing it. I have to say i enjoyed it and i didnt get bored (which i have to say tends to happen with me and long films with narratives). As has been previously mentioned there was alot they could have cut out of the film (mainly in the beginning) so it didnt drag on for so long. The second half of the film is really where it starts to pick up and i did cry at the end. If you like Forest Gump you will enjoy this.

    Overall very good film, Brad and Kate were amazing.

  5.  Fantabulous


    This game was bought for me as a gift. I actually didn't get it out of the box until a few days later to try it out because i had thought it would be a bit to .....blah... How wrong was I! Love the game so much, and a great party game for your mates to join in with you. We spent 15min after the discovery to smack eachother, just smacking eachother aound the pod. There is so much playability and its great fun for all the ages. Would recomend it to anyone, even hard core gamers like my Bro who only plays shooters loved it.

  6.  \the best part of the series


    I love bleach, it was the only reason that got me into the anime scene. To be honest the first and second series are the best, after that it is tonnes of filler eps, but i love the series i would recomend it to other anime fans.