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  1.  typical rom-com...


    and i love it its just a light hearted rom-com no thinking needed and jennifer lopez does some good acting! i say buy it!

  2.  i am very very sneaky sir!


    John Toturos performance as his butler is quality in this, he never failed to make me laugh!

    i am a massive sandler fan, and longfellow deeds was very amusing, a good buy!

  3.  pop goes my heart!


    haha absolutely brilliant little rom-com! the soundtrack is soo catchy, and im loving hugh's little hip swinging, he must of had so much funny making this film. theres some really good acting and no voice overs which is good, just drew and hugh's natural voices :D

    its a light hearted, fun film for all and it will not fail to make you laugh! i recommend you buy it!

  4.  omg


    i was blown away buy the acting in this british drama! it must have been very difficult to act however i didnt enjoy it as it was so disturbing and uncomfortable to watch.

    If you love a reall britsh drama, then this film is for you

  5.  brilliant


    adam sandler has done it again!, ive watched this film so many times. it amases me how he can keep the facial expresions and voice all the way through this film, brilliant! i strongly advise you to buy it

  6.  charles you comical genius!


    reese weatherspoon does some not easy acting, i love her in this i think its very fun, a great chick flick and a good sequel which doesnt happen very often

  7.  hilarious


    just a dippy blonde in the big bad world! love it!, fun, love, clothes and make up an easy watch

  8.  worth watching!


    kiddulthood is about a modern day life as a teenager, pretty shocking but very accurate.there is a good story line with messages you can bring from it, made very well and well worth a watch

  9.  hmmm


    not the best teen movie of the year but is still a good watch

  10.  average


    i love a bit of clooney but not one of myself just an average watch, nothing exciting really. catherines abit mean init