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  1.  Brilliant game


    When first purchasing this game, I couldn't wait to have a go, especially for what had taken so long to release. After waiting ages to install and then update, started a quick arcade game and thought, "hmmm ... is that it..?"

    A few weeks later, I'd forgotten about the hype and decided to sit down and start going through the levels. After few hours and 5/6 levels in, this is when the game starts to shine and you really start to appreciate the amount of work that has gone into this game. The physics and handling of each and every car is simply superb. Upgrading the cars engine, handling and transmission is noticeable with every single adjustment. If you finish 2nd and don't have enough power to take 1st, then upgrade the engine, change tyres or exhaust until you can take 1st. With a GT force steering wheel, it is quite simply the best gaming experience you will ever have at home. This is as close to the real thing you will find, the repsonse on the feedback is amazing, especially when you spin out or loose control.

    The graphics are excellent, sharp and clear, people saying they are like ps2 are not being realistic. Music & menu system plus loading times are fine, don't seem to have a problem with it. Yes, there are a couple of awkward menu functions, like going back a few levels to tune up the car, but its nothing as bad as 'server not responding' and your game is disconnected, like some games (COD).

    The negative reviews could be from people who are either young or have never driven a car, because if they had, they would appreciate how realistic the physics of the game are. If you want to enjoy spinning out a Ferrari onto a grass verge then powering out of the skid, throwing a Toyota MR2 round the bends or racing a hot hatch over gravel and tarmac.. then this game is for you.

    All in all, if you have the time to sit down with a force feedback wheel and forget all the hype, then you'll love this game, it's highly addictive and thoroughly enjoyable.

    EDIT: It depends what view you use when playing this game. With the speedo and rev counter view the game is faster and realistic. When playing with car view, it's dull and boring...and pretty much rubbish.

  2.  poor


    Played this at the weekend and have to say, its old hat and quite terrible.

    To start with, the game menu system is very dated and has matching japanese synthesizer junk music. Come on, make some effort from last year.

    Gameplay is arcade style and not very realistic at all.

    There are some really annoying features with this game, especially with the keeper. If he makes a catch and you want to throw out quickly to your right back, he takes ages to throw the ball.

    Also, its very 2 dimensional. It seems impossible to ask another player to make a run whilst you have the ball, which is stupid. If youve got the ball in midfield and you want to play a chip through ball down the wing, then why can't you ask your winger to make a run before the ball is played ? You can only make a player run through, if he passes the ball first to someone else and then collect the return pass. you can't move a keep either when your opponent has a free kick ? Why not ? Its daft and just not realistic to have a keeper to far to one side.

    All in all, I just can't see where pro evo fans are coming from. Its feels very dated, unauthentic and doesn't deserve to be classed as next generation gaming.

  3.  Great game


    Not sure what rocketscience is on about, he must be playing with his eyes crossed or holding the PSP upside down.

    This game is brilliant, the sound effects are better and the pace of the game is better. The pyshics are also improved and its not so easy to get away with crunching tackles. Very colourful game too, great music and overall happy with purchase.

    If you get the train into work, this makes the journey fly :o)



    This game is the bees knees. On-line against friends its an absolute cracker, so much fun to be had and taunting to be done. Gets better and better the more you play. Excellent commentary, graphics and music. Controls take a while so read the manual and practice. 10/10

  5. FIFA 08

    FIFA 08

    Playstation Portable

    6 New from  £6.99  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £1.26

     Difficulty beyond a joke.


    If you like your PSP, then don't buy this game !!!

    Played a season on easiest level. Won all games apart from 1. Won both cups and scored 3/4 goals a game. Great, but gets a bit boring when the other team play like headless chickens. So, started next season on next level up, 2nd easiest. what a joke. !!!

    CAN YOU SCORE A GOAL............. NO !!!!!

    Drawn 26 games out of 30 on next level up, nearly all of them are 0-0. The most goals I have scored in a game are 2 against a rubbish team!!! Its the same difficulty as playing the hardest level on the PS3 or 360. I haven't even tried to play the next level up, as i think i'll just smash the thing to pieces.

    The crossing and shooting on this is abysmal. EVERY cross goes straight to the keeper, no matter where you are ?

    The shooting is always off target or straight at the keeper. If it is on target going into the top corner, the keeper makes an unbelievable save...... only for the other team to have 1 or 2 shots and win the game !!!

    Come on EA, this game is not fun. Its way too serious and not enjoyable when its way too difficult to score.

    Great graphics, execellent everything else but just not much FUN !!

    would like to hear other peoples opinion and how do they score !!

    EDITED: After another 100 train journeys into work, have now mastered two lowest levels. 2nd highest level now very difficult..... have to give it 4 stars as every journey into work is now a pleasure. GREAT GAME !!

  6.  Absolute Class


    One of favourite albums and well worth a listen for anyone.

    Track 11 - Inside - Now this is a track that has the most amazing rollercoaster of a journey. The melodies, vocals, percussion all just melts in and out. Buy it just for this one track !

  7.  BRILLIANT !!


    Why are people moaning about how many songs when it takes ages to master 1 song ? get a life you sad gits.

    we thought it would be karoke, but oh no, this is more.

    duet battle, pass the mic, keep it up (as in the words :o)), solo battle against another team.

    this game is brilliant for those that want the Wii fun factor !

    Alot more fun than monolopy, cluedo or trivial pursuit.

    A must buy for those that are having a party :o)

  8.  Quality machine


    This machine rocks and is far superior to the 360, I own both so can give an honest view.

    Straight out of the box and it plays blu ray movies, that alone is a bargain. The machine is so quiet you can actually watch a movie without it sounding like your on a long haul flight. Got a movie or music collection ? you can play films from usb drive or copy across. No problem with space as it's got 55gb free and if thats not enough you can upgrade the drive to 200gb without voiding your warranty. Bonus.

    No batteries are required for the wireless controls, so no need to worry about them running out and having to purchase any. It has a Wireless connection for software updates, internet and online gaming, plus there is no need to pay for on-line gaming as its free !!!

    Plug in a HDMI lead with this baby and the graphics on a nice 32" LCD look awesome, just watch the start of Motorstorm. If thats not got you, then check out a blu-ray movie, unbelievable.

    This is not a games console, its an entertainment system that blows the competition out the water with looks and pure build quality. If you want an all in one system, then this is for you.

    If you want a console that runs via a nuclear power brick, has more add-ons than a lego set, heats the room whilst sounding like a hairdyer, spits out scratched discs and then flashes 3 red lights.......then its not for you.

  9.  What a load of rubbish !!


    Rubbish commentary
    Rubbish player names
    Rubbish team names - London FC ?
    Rubbish replays
    Rubbish crowds - Commodore 64 style
    Rubbish music - japanese electro junk

    Its just plain old rubbish - football for japanese arcades.

  10.  Brilliant and addictive !


    This game is excellent. It has smoother animation than the last one and is less clunky. Compared to PES it also has brilliant commentary, real players names, proper kits, loads of leagues and the manager mode keeps you hooked for days on end. Its not easy to score so you have to build up play, pass it about, trick here, trick there, same as a real game.

    This and Champions League are the best footy games on the next gen consoles by a mile.